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by Ed Erkes on Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:52 pm
Ed Erkes
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I was contacted by a store that wants to use a night image that I made of their store-front on a cloth napkin that they are going to sale. It is a private, locally-owned store, not a chain store, so I don't know what they might actually make from selling the napkins.
They had contacted me before and asked to use my images in advertising flyers and possibly on their website. I gave them permission to do so, but asked that if they were going to make postcards or prints to sell for profit to contact me.
Well, they just emailed me and I have no idea of what to charge. If you have any suggestions or can point me to some good resources, I would appreciate it.

Ed Erkes
Ed Erkes

by Jeff Colburn on Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:57 pm
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Jeff Colburn
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Two things.

1 - Never give your work away for free. Whoever is using it is making money from your photographs in one way or another. You need to get your cut.

2 - Here are some places to get prices:



[font=Arial","sans-serif]https://nppa.org/calculator[/font][font=Arial","sans-serif] - Cost of doing business calculator[/font]

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by bradmangas on Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:33 pm
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Sorry I didn't notice this earlier Ed. I'm thinking you have already moved on this but I will share my opinion on this.

First of all, there are very valid reasons to give your work away. To say never eliminates a tremendous amount of future possibilities. I'm not talking about making large prints and giving them away, or handing your raw files out like candy but, done properly and with forethought it can be a very valuable position to take in specific instances. Personally I am always willing to offer free image rights use to specific organization. Charity can benefit both parties. This is a position that I hope to increase more and more.  

This obviously is not that type of situation and I know that is not what your question is about so I will get to the point. It comes down to a personal level of comfort, it's as simple as that. Yes there are online calculators one can turn to but for me personally I am not going to direct my business to follow such things just because somebody somewhere has an opinion.

This is a somewhat unique request for an image use. If the potential buyer can not provide information such as; number of products (in this case napkins) to be made or how exactly they plan on selling them or offering them to the public then I would approach this on a percentage basis. 10% of all gross sales would be a reasonable percentage to ask for.

There is much talk and has been for years about photographers undercutting prices for things like notoriety or selling work for pennies because it is not their primary source of income in which they make their living. There are also photographers who price their work at exorbitant prices for some of the same type of selfish and out of touch reasons. I do not and never plan on supporting such extremes in pricing when it come to my work. I simply believe in offering a high quality product at a fair price. Both parties always seem to benefit from this type of commerce structure. 

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