Tips on Pasting Text
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Author:  Gary Briney [ Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Tips on Pasting Text

Most HTML formatting tags are not compatible with the current website. Tags such as [font] and [color] will be displayed as ordinary text, which makes for difficult reading. However the NSN editor will correctly display the formatted text UNTIL Preview or Submit is clicked. Then the formatting tags will be displayed as ordinary text, so be sure to click Preview before Submitting your message.

(1) Do not use cut & paste of formatted text to avoid this problem; OR
(2) Remove the formatting tags by first pasting into a simple text editor such as Notepad, then copying the 'clean' text before pasting into the NSN editor.

If your pasted texted does not appear in the editor text box after pasting, click the View source icon at the top right editor tool bar, make any corrections, then click the View source icon again before clicking Submit.

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