If you post an image, please post some comments too

Posted by Royce Howland on Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:28 pm

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NSN is an online forum for sharing and learning about photography... a resource by photographers, for photographers. At its core, NSN therefore is a community. The only way a community like this works, is if we each contribute to its growth and success, for the benefit of all.

The Travel and Culture forum is something of a departure for NSN, in terms of subject matter. We refined the direction of the previous Elements of Humankind forum, drawing towards a different focus with the deliberately open themes of travel and culture, both of which have demonstrated appeal to NSN staff and members alike. Unlike the other NSN image forums, T&C does not require a nature component for images posted here. However, the central intent remains the same as with the others -- T&C is an image posting and critique forum, where we show our image work to receive feedback about it, and in turn provide feedback to others who have posted their work.

If you post images here and value the comments that you receive (or would like to receive) from other members, please consider commenting on a few other images yourself. Comments can be brief or more involved, but each one you give builds the community and this forum just as with each photograph you post. See the article The Process of Image Critiques by NSN co-founder Heather Forcier for a brief overview on offering and receiving critiques.

Don't by shy, it is never too early or too late to share your thoughts. :) If you enjoy an image you have seen, please consider sharing that enjoyment with the poster. Likewise if you have any constructive ideas about it, consider sharing those as well. Making this new forum more valuable is something to which each of us can contribute. Thanks to all who participate!

The Travel and Culture team
Royce Howland

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by Jackie Schuknecht on Thu May 19, 2011 6:57 pm
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I wonder how many have read this. It gets frustrating when people do a hit and run. Just post and leave no replies.......... Including some mods..........
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