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by OntPhoto on Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:35 am
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Ever have one of those photography moments where you almost end up getting rid of some gear but didn't, only to find out years later how useful the darn thing is? 

Picked up a Canon Deluxe Backpack 200 EG years ago and regretted purchasing it almost right away.  It had been sitting around for the longest time, years, and I was even going to get rid of it - throw it away.  Didn't like the size and fit of the bag at the time as I mostly used big lenses and carried a lot of accessories around.  I already had compact backpacks that were more useful to me. 

It was only recently that I had a need for a very compact backpack to carry some of the smaller lenses for northern lights, amphibian and bug photography.  That's when I remembered the Canon 200 EG.  I love the bag now.  It is more than adequate for a Canon 100-400L lens with camera attached and still leaves plenty of space for other lenses as well. It's got so many compartments for a compact backpack.  Useful compartments and designed in a way that a photographer would appreciate, duh, it's a Canon bag :-)  It's one of my favourite bags now.  The bag can hold a lot of stuff which surprised me. And it takes up so little room in the trunk of the car.  Same with the Glass Limo.

Think as I get older, I'm appreciating 'lighter and compact everything'.  I have the Think Tank Glass Limo and really appreciate how light and compact it is along with the very light-weight Benro tripod (which can hold steady a 500 f4 lens). 

There are a number of photography gear that I wish I had gotten rid of many years ago (I hung onto that Canon 75-300 IS, the original first ever IS lens that Canon made - not even useful as a door stopper or paper-weight) but this backpack from Canon, glad it sat in a corner and forgot all about it, until now.

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