Get the Subject’s Eyes in Focus

by | September 14, 2009

NatureScapesIn animal photography, the subject’s eyes must be in focus. If they’re not, most professional wildlife photographers will tell us that we’ve missed the shot. Why? Because when we look at a picture of an animal (or person) our eyes go to the subject’s eyes first. If they’re soft, we have to strain our eyes to try to get them into focus, a frustrating and impossible task.


For this flamingo picture I used the center focus point in the viewfinder of my digital Canon 1Ds Mark II SLR to lock in the focus on the animal’s eye before I took the shot.

For the sharpest focus, it’s best to set the focus using the individual focus points in the viewfinder—rather than using one focus point, locking in the focus, then recomposing and shooting.

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