Infrared Photography
by Deborah Sandidge | September 14, 2010

Photographers from the novice to the professional can photograph in infrared. Infrared light surrounds you—you just can’t see it. However, when you use a special filter with your digital camera, it becomes capable of recording infrared light. You can learn to envision the behavior and ef...

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Bird Photography Off the Beaten Path
by Fabiola Forns | August 28, 2010

Bird photography is my passion and has been for many years now. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a bird and then capturing an image of it, the way I had dreamed. Creating beautiful bird pictures can be very rewarding and sometimes I want to push the envelope a bit and create something...

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The Art of Available Night Light
by Alister Benn | February 25, 2010

The Art of Night Photography is a limitless playground that pushes us to our limits of technique and rewards us with images worthy of any world-class portfolio. Skills once held dear by a coveted few are now within the capabilities of anyone willing to step outside their box and try something ne...

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Why Nature Photography?
by Michael Impellizzeri | January 28, 2010

Nature photography has taught me to measure a day by heartbeats instead of a clock. No second hand will tell me when and what I have seen. I can glance at water rushing down a stream, feel the wind rustling through trees, hear the roaring of thousands of honking geese flying overhead, or watch t...

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Long-Exposure Astrophotography
by Jeff Hapeman | September 30, 2007

Many nature and landscape photographers have an interest in integrating the night sky into their photo portfolio. Typically, this takes the form of star-trail photography or landscapes lit by only the moon. However, the night sky can make an excellent subject on its own, especially with longer e...

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Species Profile: The Unique Wood Duck
by Matthew Studebaker | August 31, 2007

A virtual chorus of camera shutters sound as I lay on a boardwalk over a marsh. Just a few feet away, nearly twenty wood ducks are feeding, bathing, and fighting. The photographers start taking off their large lenses in favor of short lenses and even wide angles. Freshly molted out of their ecli...

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The Art of Seeing
by Ganesh Shankar | July 31, 2007

I considered an article on the art of seeing for a long time. Although a subject very dear to me, it was difficult to start. When I sat down to write it I realized it is relatively easy to make an image; much more difficult to write about the thought process that goes behind making it. It is a s...

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A Sense of Place
by Carl Donohue | July 1, 2006

Various writers of ecology and “environmentalism” have referred to “place.” Thoreau wrote about place, as did Emerson, Twain, Muir, Abbey and Leopold. Dave Foreman wrote, when interviewed by Derrick Jensen in the wonderful book, Listening to the Land, “We are place....

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The Art of Abstract Macro Photography
by Michael Brown | June 1, 2006

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in June, 2006, and is being featured again with its original text and one new image. Our thanks to Michael Brown.

From Wikipedia online encyclopedia: “Abstract art is now generally understood to mean art that does not depict ob...

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Thinking Through Visual Design
by Charles Glatzer | May 1, 2005

An outstanding image is one with visual and emotional impact. Composition, lighting, exposure, and selective focus all come together by our hands and in our eye to invoke a response (pleasant or not) whereby viewers are transcended from their worlds to the world we have put before them. If we re...

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