The Power of Water to Attract Birds
by | November 13, 2009

© Alan MurphyWhen it comes to attracting birds into camera range, nothing is more effective than water. Only a limited number of species come to feeders to eat seed, fruit and nectar, but all birds come to water to bath and drink. Using water for bird photography can be especially powerful if you happen to l...

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Tips for Nature Photography in the Tropics
by Glenn Bartley | October 30, 2009

© Glenn BartleyThere are few places on earth that can captivate the imagination and inspire nature photographers to “get out there” like the tropics. The biological riches of these exciting destinations are unparalleled and these regions are rife with opportunities for nature photography. Consider...

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Get the Subject’s Eyes in Focus
by | September 14, 2009

NatureScapesIn animal photography, the subject’s eyes must be in focus. If they’re not, most professional wildlife photographers will tell us that we’ve missed the shot. Why? Because when we look at a picture of an animal (or person) our eyes go to the subject’s eyes first. If they&#...

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England—The Lake District
by | April 10, 2009

© Melanie M.The English Lake District has long been associated with tourism. Since the earliest days, visitors have strived to convey the images from their minds’ eye to others. Some in words as with the Lakes Poets, some by painting including Turner and Constable, and as the process developed more la...

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Pepper Dreams
by Royce Howland | November 9, 2008

© Royce HowlandLast year was highly fulfilling for me in terms of photography, and I had more goals for this year, building on everything I felt was going well. However, as they say, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. A number of things didn’t work out as needed, and most of my p...

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Embracing Failure
by Mark Graf | July 25, 2008

© Mark GrafEditor’s note: This article appeared originally in Mark Graf’s blog. Our thanks to Mark for agreeing to republish it here. Mark opens: “Quite a few folks talk about failure as part of the process of learning, especially when it comes to expanding creativity. part of t...

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Questions are the Key to Better Imagery
by Charles Glatzer | April 29, 2008

© Charles GlatzerTo maximize the potential of an area and its subjects, always gather as much information as possible before arriving. To make the most of your shoot, talk to others who have been there shortly before, but never assume things will be the same.

Ask yourself questions about the specific location:...

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Madagascar—A World Unknown
by Shem Compion | April 1, 2008

© Shem CompionAbruptly removed from Gondwanaland about 160 million years ago and left to its own devices in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, shaped somewhat like a folded omelet, started developing a natural history all on its own. As with many of the other exotic islands, Madagascar developed its own unique spe...

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Birds in Habitat
by Marie Read | December 31, 2007

© Marie ReadFor compelling bird photos, go beyond portraits. An animated thread recently discussed whether or not “boring” would be a valid bird image critique. As bird photographers, it’s a good exercise for us to consider what draws viewers to a particular bird photograp...

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