Full Control in Photoshop: Layers & Masks
by Tim Grey | February 1, 2008

© Tim GreyPhotography is in large part about exercising control (or maybe that’s just the excuse I use because I happen to be such a control freak). Since the dawn of photography there has been an effort to control the light, the subject, the print, and all other factors that influence the final pho...

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Noise Reduction in Photographs
by Juza | May 31, 2007

© JuzaWhen I photograph birds and wildlife, I often use ISO 400 or even 800. Even though the recent Canon cameras are pretty good at high ISO, there is always some noise, in particular in the smooth, out of focus areas. It is not a problem: with Photoshop, it is quite easy to reduce the noise, and I&#...

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Processing and Saving Photos for the Web
by Juza | April 30, 2007

© JuzaPublishing photos on the web is the best way to share experiences and to learn with other photographers, and it is a great way to publicize your work. To create an effective web presentation, it is necessary to follow some basic steps top resize, sharpen and save the photo.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
by | February 28, 2007

Wild Nature PhotographyAdobe Photoshop Lightroom is the latest entry in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) arena, released mid-February 2007. Lightroom enters an increasingly competitive field that has had some established players, such as Extensis and iView, as well as some new players like Apple’s Aperture. Wh...

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Increasing Depth of Field through Focus Combining
by | December 1, 2006

© Christina EvansOne of the frustrating facts of photographic life with which macro shooters learn to deal is that depth of field drops as magnification increases. When I began trying to capture images of insects, I found that my dragonflies, for instance, could have sharp heads but not sharp tails, or vice vers...

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The Bayou and Beyond: a Continuation
by | November 1, 2006

© Jenny EllerbeIn July 2004, I wrote a brief article for Naturescapes.net chronicling my transition from color photography to black-and-white and how it affected my perception of the bayou where I live. I also gave a description of my black-and-white conversion and printing methods. Now, at the end of 2006, mu...

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Multiple Exposures
by Tim Grey | June 1, 2005

© Tim GreyTaking great pictures never loses its appeal, but every now and then you need to mix things up a bit. I don’t mean finding a hobby other than photography, but rather finding a new way to express your creativity with photography. Many photographers have used multiple exposure techniques to...

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