Have Boat, Will Photograph
by Kari Post | April 29, 2010

© Kari PostPhotographing nature and outdoor subjects from a boat gives a photographer a unique perspective and can allow a photographer to get original photographs of often photographed subjects or approach a subject that would otherwise be impossible to photograph. Any subject can be photographed from a b...

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Why Nature Photography?
by | January 28, 2010

© Michael ImpellizzeriNature photography has taught me to measure a day by heartbeats instead of a clock. No second hand will tell me when and what I have seen. I can glance at water rushing down a stream, feel the wind rustling through trees, hear the roaring of thousands of honking geese flying overhead, or watch t...

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Tips for Nature Photography in the Tropics
by Glenn Bartley | October 30, 2009

© Glenn BartleyThere are few places on earth that can captivate the imagination and inspire nature photographers to “get out there” like the tropics. The biological riches of these exciting destinations are unparalleled and these regions are rife with opportunities for nature photography. Consider...

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The Basics of Nature Photography
by Cindy Marple | August 1, 2006

© Cindy MarpleAre you new to nature photography? Feeling a little unsure of how to get started in your quest to make beautiful images? If you want to consistently make good photos, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of resources out there to help you, but these can also be ove...

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What is photography, after all?
by George Lepp | October 1, 2005

NatureScapesI keep hearing that traditional photography has changed—digital is killing it—photography is on its way to hell in a hand basket. To those who feel this is the end of traditional photography, my question is: What is photography? For that matter, what is traditional photography?

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Creating Intimate Portraits in Nature
by Greg Downing | January 1, 2005

© Greg DowningSince the first day I picked up a camera and started photographing birds I felt compelled to create images that seem, and many times are, larger than life. I enjoy nothing more than capturing intimate portraits and close-ups of birds brimming with character and detail. Often it is only from this...

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