Fall for Autumn Photography
by | August 24, 2010

© Bret EdgeWith memories of alpine wildflowers in the not-too-distant past it’s almost impossible to believe that autumn is right around the corner. And yet, all the signs point to exactly that. Temperatures are trending lower, bears are focused on getting fatter and sunset is arriving earlier every...

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A Photographers Guide to West Texas
by | June 24, 2010

© Darren HuskiTexas is known as a big state, but it is probably not really known as nature photography destination, except for hill country wildflowers. Most people also think of Texas as flat. Put those two together and that pretty much keeps photographers away. Now, in the populated eastern 2/3 of the state...

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Exploring New Mexico’s White Sands
by | January 15, 2010

© Ben HattenbachIn the heart of New Mexico lies White Sands National Monument, a 275 square mile field of gypsum dunes that sets a nearly perfect stage for those interested in creating minimalistic yet otherworldly landscape imagery. The serenity of this setting stands in contrast to its immediate surroundings,...

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Photographing the Mountain Icons of Patagonia
by | January 4, 2010

© Jon CornforthPatagonia is located in the southern Andes mountain range along the border of Argentina and Chile. The area was made famous in the 1930s and 1950s by pioneering climbers like Jacques Poincenot, Lionel Terray, Cesare Maestri, and Toni Egger, who came to test themselves on the regions’ grani...

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England—The Lake District
by | April 10, 2009

© Melanie M.The English Lake District has long been associated with tourism. Since the earliest days, visitors have strived to convey the images from their minds’ eye to others. Some in words as with the Lakes Poets, some by painting including Turner and Constable, and as the process developed more la...

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Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, United Kingdom
by | September 26, 2008

© Bart HeirwegSnowdonia National Park is a mountainous area, situated in the northeast of Wales in the United Kingdom. Its name, Snowdonia, derives from its highest mountain, the Snowdon. With its 1085 meters of height, this peak is the icon of the national park and attracts hikers and climbers from all over...

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Recipe for Panoramas
by | July 31, 2007

© Al PerryMaking panoramas using digital cameras and stitching software can be daunting to the uninitiated. This is because a number of steps must be performed correctly and in the proper sequence for the panorama to be successful. My goal here is to share with you my experience in making panoramas (or &#...

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Svalbard: The Polar Oasis
by Jasper Doest | December 31, 2006

© Jasper DoestNot many people are familiar with the Svalbard archipelago, and this might be one of the reasons why it is such a splendid place for nature photographers. The archipelago lies at 78º N and only 900km away from the North Pole. Although being that far north in the Arctic region, due to the circul...

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