Pepper Dreams
by Royce Howland | November 9, 2008

© Royce HowlandLast year was highly fulfilling for me in terms of photography, and I had more goals for this year, building on everything I felt was going well. However, as they say, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. A number of things didn’t work out as needed, and most of my p...

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Embracing Failure
by Mark Graf | July 25, 2008

© Mark GrafEditor’s note: This article appeared originally in Mark Graf’s blog. Our thanks to Mark for agreeing to republish it here. Mark opens: “Quite a few folks talk about failure as part of the process of learning, especially when it comes to expanding creativity. part of t...

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Questions are the Key to Better Imagery
by Charles Glatzer | April 29, 2008

© Charles GlatzerTo maximize the potential of an area and its subjects, always gather as much information as possible before arriving. To make the most of your shoot, talk to others who have been there shortly before, but never assume things will be the same.

Ask yourself questions about the specific location:...

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Wave Photography
by Phillip Colla | February 1, 2008

© Phillip CollaI have lived within a mile or two of the ocean for nearly my entire life, spending a lot of time at the beach over the years. My photography has always centered on ocean-oriented subjects, yet somehow I overlooked one of the most obvious marine subjects of all—waves. I have surfed, kayaked, bo...

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The Art of Seeing
by Ganesh Shankar | July 31, 2007

© Ganesh ShankarI considered an article on the art of seeing for a long time. Although a subject very dear to me, it was difficult to start. When I sat down to write it I realized it is relatively easy to make an image; much more difficult to write about the thought process that goes behind making it. It is a s...

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A Sense of Place
by Carl Donohue | July 1, 2006

© Carl DonohueVarious writers of ecology and “environmentalism” have referred to “place.” Thoreau wrote about place, as did Emerson, Twain, Muir, Abbey and Leopold. Dave Foreman wrote, when interviewed by Derrick Jensen in the wonderful book, Listening to the Land, “We are place....

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