RAW Perfection – Get in the Zone!
by Greg Basco | July 31, 2015

Copyright Greg BascoThose of you who follow my blog and/or have traveled with me on a photo tour here in Costa Rica know that I strive to capture the best RAW file possible and that I consider only a perfect (or near perfect!) RAW file to be a full success in my own photography. I don’t pretend that every photogr...

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Smartphone Apps for Photographers
by NSN | January 9, 2013

Smartphones have changed the way we live and for many photographers the way they work in the field. With smartphones, we can share photos from around the world the moment they are taken, and blog and Tweet on the go many miles away from an internet connection. In addition to connecting us to our...

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Catching up with Gary Farber of Hunt’s Photo & Video
by NSN | October 26, 2012

From the Editor: If you are a photographer who has gone to a high profile photography event such as Photoshop World or a NANPA Summit, you’ve probably run into Gary Farber of Hunt’s Photo and Video. Gary is a constant presence at many of the events I have attended, and he and his c...

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Contracts For Your Photography Business
by Carolyn E. Wright | November 1, 2006

The following is an excerpt from Carolyn E. Wright’s book, The Photographer’s Legal Guide.

What is a Contract? Most hobbyists and all professional photographers need to use contracts to protect themselves and their business. A contract is a legally enforceable agreement enter...

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Tax Time for Photographers
by Heather Forcier and Rich Ennis | February 1, 2006

Many photographers in the United States find themselves confused at tax time regarding their federal and state reporting obligations. There is no substitute for consulting with an accountant and lawyer regarding your business concerns. However, it does help to be informed in preparation for thes...

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Sales Tools for Professional Photographers
by Scott Bourne | January 1, 2005

As a professional photographer, I need all the help I can get to make a living. There are tools that I use as part of my daily work as a photographer that I could not do without. In each case, I am describing something I bought and paid for with my own money. None of these companies sponsors or...

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