Book Review: The Song of Insects
by Juli Wilcox | March 31, 2007

Lang Elliott and NatureScapes.Net moderator, Wil Hershberger, have put together an unusual reference book or field guide comprised of excellent photos, text descriptions and songs of two insect orders: Orthoptera (crickets, katydids and grasshoppers) and Homoptera (cicadas, leafhoppers and aphid...

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Book Review: The Grizzly Maze
by Juli Wilcox | September 1, 2006

With interest I read the threads in NatureScapes.Net Ethics forum about Grizzly Man, Tim Treadwell, a Californian who went to Alaska for 13 summers to be with the brown bears on the Katmai coast. He raised California and Colorado money to fund these summers with the bears and foxes and subsequen...

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Book Review: A Birder’s Guide to Colorado
by Brendan C. Quigley | January 1, 2006

If you were going to write a guide for birding enthusiasts and photographers, what would you put in it? Could it be varied enough for photographers of all skill levels to use, small enough to carry but big enough to hold lots of information, and a book that would help you build a photography out...

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