Getting Out of Your Bird Photography Rut
by Greg Basco | August 1, 2014

© Greg BascoAll of us go through a period of low productivity in our photography; we get stuck in a rut. Maybe we’re doing the same thing we’ve always done or perhaps we can’t envision how to do something different than what every other photographer is doing. Even though I initially developed a reputa...

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Determining Composition – Part 1
by Ofer Levy | July 25, 2014

© Ofer LevyComposition is the arrangement of visual elements in the image.

Successful composition should lead the viewer’s eye toward the most important parts of the image. It should help portray whatever it is that you wish your image to convey. Good composition is a crucial element of a great photogr...

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Creating a Modern Photographic Field Guide
by Iain Campbell | April 11, 2014

© Iain CampbellI am old school. As a birder I have always much preferred plate based nature field guides with paintings rather than photos. For me there was just never any comparison between the highly illustrative paintings of the National Geographic and Sibley guides and the shabby images in books such as th...

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My Changing Shooting Style
by E.J. Peiker | April 2, 2014

© E.J. PeikerI have been a photographer for most of my life and throughout my 46 years or so of photography, my style has changed many times. When I first got heavily into bird photography about 14 years ago, the trend in North America was towards shooting birds as big as possible in the frame and I followed...

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Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters
by Graeme Guy | April 5, 2013

© Graeme GuyAs a nature photographer, you develop an attachment to certain species. One of my favorite bird species is bee-eaters. They are colorful, are master hunters and flying aces. In my adopted location of northeastern Malaysia there are three species of the total of 26 world-wide species. Before movi...

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Photographing at the Barnegat Jetty
by Denise Ippolito | August 6, 2012

© Denise IppolitoBarnegat Lighthouse State Park in New Jersey, located at the northern end of Long Beach Island, is where you will find the famed “Barnegat Jetty”. If you are a birder or bird photographer as I am, this is a must visit destination during the winter. The Barnegat Jetty is considered the best p...

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Shedding Light on the Life of Owls
by Joris van Alphen | July 13, 2012

© Joris van Alphen“Photographs really are experience captured,” wrote Susan Sontag in her famous essay On Photography. Photography can be a witness to the events in our lives, immortalizing our own experiences. But, to me, its biggest virtue is that it can also open new worlds to our eyes. Some anim...

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Bird Photography Basics: A Focus on Sharper Images
by | July 6, 2012

© Matthew StudebakerDiscerning bird photographers want their images to be of the highest quality possible, and this usually means they are striving for tack sharp details in their subject. Accurate focus and appropriate shutter speeds are essential for getting sharp, detailed images of our feathered friends.

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