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To the End of the Americas: Torres del Paine
by | August 1, 2004

© Richard SheehanAfter an eight-hour flight from Atlanta to Santiago, I have a two-hour layover in the Santiago airport before a four-hour flight south to Punta Arenas, Chile. That trip is followed by an almost six-hour drive north over a relatively flat and barren plain before finally reaching Chile’s mos...

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Gitzo Tripod Maintenance Guide
by Greg Downing | August 1, 2004

© Greg DowningMany nature photographers prefer Gitzo carbon fiber tripods, which are known for their durability and lighter weight. They are built to last though years of use, especially with proper maintenance and care. As a Gitzo owner, you may be wondering how to properly maintain your tripod when the legs...

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PicturesToExe v4.14 Slide Show Program
by | December 1, 2003

PicturesToExePerhaps one of the kinks in converting from film to digital is an easy way to present a public slide show. But numerous slide show programs are available that can create that digital presentation for you to display via your desktop or laptop computer. The program I use is PicturesToExe.

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Sleep and the Nature Photographer
by Juan Bahamon | December 1, 2003

NatureScapesAs nature photographers we love the sweet light of early morning. We often endure long and odd hours to maximize our shooting time. How can we ensure that we are fully vigilant and have quick reflexes to capture those fleeting moments of beauty when in the field? What can we do to overcome the s...

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