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Images of the Year Award Winners 2008

by NSN | February 1, 2009

Images of the Year Award Winners 2008Each week the moderators and staff of NatureScapes.Net select one photo that particularly stands out in each of the image critique galleries. This photo becomes that gallery’s Image of the Week, and at year end one image is selected from these to be the gallery’s Image of the Year.

With so many wonderful images we have also included two images as Honorable Mentions in each gallery.

Prizes – The Total Value for 2008 is Over $6,000!

Images of the Year Winners

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Honorable Mentions

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Birds Gallery

Bald Eagle Battle by Rob Palmer


Bald Eagle Battle
© Rob Palmer

Taken at Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area, Utah. Many eagles are there feeding on carp and sometimes they battle quite a bit. I was… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Wildlife Gallery

Tiger in a Reflective Moment by Kiran Khanzode


Tiger in a “Reflective” Moment
© Kiran Khanzode

This image was taken in the Bandhavgarh forest of India (Land Of The Tiger), a place 11000 miles away from here(USA). This place dates back to about 2000 years, used to be the private hunting grounds… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Landscapes Gallery

The Power of One by Kah Kit Yoong


The Power of One
© Kah Kit Yoong

The Moeraki Boulders are huge spherical stones, found strewn along Koekohe Beach near Moeraki on New Zealand’s Otago coast. The boulders weigh several tonnes… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Flora & Macro Gallery

Fungia Pie Hole by Gary Parr


Fungia Pie Hole
© Gary Parr

The fun in doing closeup/macro photography is being able to show people aspects of nature that they either can’t see or don’t take the time to see. This is particularly true with corals, an animal group… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Elements of Humankind Gallery

Night Lit Barn by Robert Smith


Night Lit Barn
© Robert Smith

The image was taken late in the evening (10:30pm) on Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park. I choose the barns on the north side of Antelope Flats Road specifically because of the rail fence… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Digital Creations Gallery

Velvia Dreams by John Noble


Velvia Dreams
© John Noble

The photo was taken at sunset, it had some nice colours already in it. So I went crazy with the saturation & a bit of selective Orton Effect. If I remember correctly I also used a curves adjustment layer to selectively… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

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