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Images of the Year Award Winners 2007

by NSN | February 1, 2008

Images of the Year Award Winners 2007Each week the moderators and staff of NatureScapes.Net select one photo that particularly stands out in each of the image critique galleries. This photo becomes that gallery’s Image of the Week, and at year end one image is selected from these to be the gallery’s Image of the Year.

With so many wonderful images we have also included two images as Honorable Mentions in each gallery.

Prizes – The Total Value for 2007 is Over $5,000!

Images of the Year Winners:

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Honorable Mentions:

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This year’s awards were proudly sponsored by

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Birds Gallery

Common Kingfisher by Doron Hoffman


Common Kingfisher
© Doron Hoffman

The Common Kingfisher is a territorial species. Whenever another kingfisher treads his/her territory, usually a big display is set. After spending… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Wildlife Gallery

Cleaner Shrimp in Anemone by Woody Mayhew


Cleaner Shrimp in Anemone
© Woody Mayhew

These Periclimenes tosaensis shrimp live in this anemone and use it both as a shelter and a food source. The shrimp forage on particles that they glean from the… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Landscapes Gallery

Autumn by Chris Clor


© Chris Clor

I set up to photograph this lone tree as a 2-image panorama, as I was intrigued by the rolling landscape to the right. A flock of birds appeared and landed… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Flora & Macro Gallery

Cyber Spiders by Leon Baas


Cyber Spiders
© Leon Baas

I made this photo with flashes that I transformed into point light sources by putting glass fiber on the flashes, by which the light can be controlled very precisely. By putting the flashes behind the subject… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Elements of Humankind Gallery

Early Morning Fisherman by Bill Chambers


Early Morning Fisherman
© Bill Chambers

I really lucked into this image. I was shooting the fog-covered lake at sunrise, hoping to catch a mixture of fog and autumn colors, when this fisherman arrived and put in his small boat… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

Digital Creations Gallery

The Light by Mike Gallo


The Light
© Mike Gallo

“The Light” was created as an expression of hope or “Light at the end of the tunnel.” At some point in our lives, many of us need to know that “The Light” is there for us… Continue reading »

Honorable Mentions

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