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Images of the Year Award Winners 2006

by NSN | February 1, 2007

Images of the Year Award Winners 2006Each week the moderators and staff of select one photo that particularly stands out in each of the image critique galleries. This photo becomes that gallery’s Image of the Week, and at year end one image is selected from these to be the gallery’s Image of the Year.

Prizes – The Total Value for 2006 is Over $5,000!

Images of the Year Winners:

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Birds Gallery

Least Tern Chick by Linda Robbins


Least Tern Chick
© Linda Robbins

Once the chicks hatch in the least tern colonies on Florida’s West Coast, they are a neverending source of amusement. This chick heard its mother returning with a fish and is making sure she knows where to bring the food!
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Wildlife Gallery

Snow Monkeys by Jim Urbach


Snow Monkeys
© Jim Urbach

Trying to go to a place he had never ventured to before, Jim Urbach chose to go to Japan in February 2005. He traveled by high speed train, then local bus and walked in the last mile over a snowy icy path to the hotel located just outside Jigokudani Yaenkoen, the park near Nagano where the Japanese snow monkeys, or… Continue reading »


Landscapes Gallery

The Spring Milky Way by Jeff Hapeman


The Spring Milky Way
© Jeff Hapeman

This image is a single 10-minute exposure at ISO 800, taken with the Canon 20Da and 14mm f/2.8L lens at f/3.5 to control CA and corner distortion. Post-processing in Photoshop balanced curves and enhanced contrast and saturation, which tend to come out really low in long-exposure shots such as this.… Continue reading »


Flora & Macro Gallery

Orange glider by Griffin C.S. Cheng


Orange Glider
© Griffin C.S. Cheng

Patterns in nature never fail to inspire Griffin or earn his appreciation. Close-up photography provides a unique way to view marvelous details not otherwise seen. Here an Orange Glider, a local common dragonfly, rested peacefully on the tip a small branch, enjoying the morning sunlight… Continue reading »


Elements of Humankind Gallery

Rainy Day in the Montseny Mountains - Barcelona, Spain by Camilo MargelÍ


Rainy Day in the Montseny Mountains – Barcelona, Spain
© Camilo Margelí

This photo was taken in the Montseny Mountains in Barcelona, Spain on a rainy day. Camilo had been photographing some nearby waterfalls and passed this location at the end of his day in the field. Finding the contrast between greys and greens attractive and the small waterfall appealing, he composed… Continue reading »


Digital Creations Gallery

Dreamscape by Jim Milligan


© Jim Milligan

Read more about how this digital creation was produced in Photoshop… Continue reading »


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