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Images of the Year Award Winners 2005

by NSN | February 1, 2006

Images of the Year Award Winners 2005

Each week the moderators and staff of NatureScapes.Net select one photo that particularly stands out in each of the image critique galleries. This photo becomes that gallery’s Image of the Week, and at year end one image is selected from these to be the gallery’s Image of the Year.

Prizes – The Total Value for 2005 is Over $4,000!

Images of the Year Winners:

  • A complimentary lifetime membership to
  • A logo cap
  • $400.00 shopping spree at the online store.

This year’s awards were proudly sponsored by

NatureScapes.Net, Wimberley, Kinesis, FoxGloves, and Hunt’s Photo.

Birds Gallery

Swift in Flight by Mike Danzenbaker


Swift in Flight
© Mike Danzenbaker

Mike Danzenbaker was raised as a birder from early childhood in New Jersey, when his father instilled in him a deep and abiding love and respect for the natural world. A college friend introduced him to black-and-white photography and the darkroom, and his birding quickly took on a new direction… Continue reading »

Wildlife Gallery

Dall Lamb and Ewe by John Obenaus


Dall Lamb and Ewe
© John Obenaus

John Obenaus photographed this image in northern Canada during his first venture into digital. It was captured with a Canon D30 and 70-200 f/2.8 L lens, handheld…
Continue reading »

Landscapes Gallery

Northern Lights by Joe MacCabe


Northern Lights
© Joe McCabe

The image was made at Mendenhall Lake in Juneau, Alaska in October, 2004 during a period of both unusually high aurora activity and unusually cold, clear weather. For a period of about ten days the weather remained clear and auroras danced in the night sky. At the outset of the ten day aurora show… Continue reading »

Flora & Macro Gallery

Daylily by Steve Sage


© Steve Sage

Steve Sage is a veterinarian by profession in Michigan and a serious amateur photographer in his spare time. His interests are birds, wildlife, landscapes and macro photography in his travels and backyard. Continue reading »

Elements of Humankind Gallery

Wave Foam Colors and Reflections by Duke Coonrad


Wave Foam Colors and Reflections
© Duke Coonrad

While in Cannon Beach on vacation with his wife Kathy and their Tibetan Terrier “Bugsy” in October last year, Duke Coonrad spent many hours on the beach walking and letting Bugsy tear around. Strolling along the beach on the last evening following a thunderstorm at low tide, he watched the rogue waves break… Continue reading »

Digital Creations Gallery

Zebra by Clive Sheppard


© Clive Sheppard

Clive Sheppard took a grab shot of a Zebra at a local zoo with a point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix 990 a several years ago. He had always liked the patterns of the Zebra’s coat, but not the other clutter in the shot. This digital creation was made in a vector drawing program called Expression 3. Using a graphics tablet, Clive drew outlines of the main features of the pattern, then imported it into Corel Painter… Continue reading »

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