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Images of the Year Award Winners 2004

by NSN | February 1, 2005

Images of the Year Award Winners 2004Each week the moderators and staff of select one photo that particularly stands out in each of the image critique galleries. This photo becomes that gallery’s Image of the Week, and at year end one image is selected from these to be the gallery’s Image of the Year.

Prizes – The Total Value for 2004 is Over $4,000!

Images of the Year Winners:

  • A complimentary lifetime membership to
  • A logo cap
  • $300.00 shopping spree at the online store.

This year’s awards were proudly sponsored by, Wimberley, and FoxGloves.

Birds Gallery

Momma and Newborn Cranes on Nest by Jim Neiger


Momma and Newborn Cranes on Nest
© Jim Neiger

Jim is a relative newcomer to the world of photography. Although he has been awed by nature and wildlife since he was a child, his photography had been limited to point and shoot cameras. In the spring of 2003, Jim began photographing the native wildlife around his home in central Florida with his… Continue reading »

Wildlife Gallery

Snow Monkeys Grooming by Tom Hill


Snow Monkeys Grooming
© Tom Hill

At the age of ten Tom Hill was introduced to black and white photography by his father when he started processing and printing his own pictures. Now a fighter pilot, Tom combines outdoor adventure with photography as time permits. Continue reading »

Landscapes Gallery

Cavell Lake and Mt Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park by Ron Niebrugge


Cavell Lake and Mt Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park
© Ron Niebrugge

This image was taken at Cavell Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Ron had just finished his morning shoot and hiked down to this lake to scout locations for that evening or the next morning. Intrigued by the light and shadows on the edge of Lake Cavell he decided to get his camera back out, and … Continue reading »

Flora & Macro Gallery

Eyes! by Herman Blockx


© Herman Blockx

Herman Blockx was born in Belgium and has lived there his whole life. His fascination with nature began in early childhood and has continued since, including his studies in biology at university. He started photography roughly six years ago when touring South Africa for a month. His first camera was a Minolta SLR… Continue reading »

Elements of Humankind Gallery

Glade Creek Grist Mill by Gary Best


Glade Creek Grist Mill
© Gary Best

Gary Best is an avid nature and wildlife photographer whose interests lead him to photograph landscapes and natural history at every opportunity. Gary works as a studio photographer for Images Unique Photography and serves as workshop assistant for Jividen’s Naturally Wild Photo Adventures. His love for… Continue reading »

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