Cheryl Ertelt

by | May 1, 2008

© Cheryl ErteltCheryl Ertelt first became interested in photography when she received a Polaroid camera for Christmas when she was ten years old. By the time she was a senior in college, she had a 35mm camera and was taking pictures for both the newspaper and the yearbook where she found she much preferred shooting action and sports to static portraits. She has been taking pictures for the Notre Dame football programs since 1982.

For the next several years, Cheryl took outdoor candid photos of children, shot an occasional wedding and photographed animals at the local zoo while working full-time as a physical therapist. She always had her camera along on vacations for any wildlife or scenics she might find. In 1994, she took her first wildlife photography workshop and has not taken a non-photo vacation since then.

In 1998, Cheryl started specializing in outdoor dog portraits and action shots for the magazine, book and calendar markets to help finance her wildlife trips and workshops. Since then she has been able to take trips to Canada, Kenya and the Falkland Islands as well as many locations in the US. Her favorite subjects are mammals, large and small, although since purchasing a 500mm lens and teleconverters, she has gotten interested in bird photography as well. While she enjoys taking both portrait and behavior shots, she also tries to capture images that appear either cute or humorous, showing some of the animal’s ‘personality’.

Cheryl Ertelt

For the last year, Cheryl has been a moderator in the Wildlife forum here at NatureScapes.net. She was also a co-leader with Charles Glatzer for two Shoot The Light (STL) Photographic Workshops the summer of 2004, photographing loons in northern Michigan, and has also assisted on several other STL workshops. Her most notable accomplishments in nature photography to date have been a Highly Honored Award in the 2003 Nature’s Best Photo Contest for her photo of a ‘singing’ Rockhopper Penguin and the use of her ‘laughing’ zebra in the October 2004 National Geographic Kids magazine. Her stock files include over 100,000 images and she is represented by several stock agencies in the US and abroad.

Cheryl’s current photographic equipment includes a pair of EOS 3 film cameras, Canon 1D Mark II and 10D digital cameras, and an assortment of Canon lenses from 17 to 500mm. She plans to decrease her physical therapy practice to part time in the spring of 2005 so she can spend more time on her nature photography. Eventually, she hopes to do photography full-time.

To see more of Cheryl’s photography, please visit her website at www.photosphrases.com.

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