Madagascar—A World Unknown
by Shem Compion | April 1, 2008

© Shem CompionAbruptly removed from Gondwanaland about 160 million years ago and left to its own devices in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, shaped somewhat like a folded omelet, started developing a natural history all on its own. As with many of the other exotic islands, Madagascar developed its own unique spe...

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Winter in Yellowstone
by Tom Vezo | March 1, 2008

© Tom VezoIt was still dark outside when we walked into the lobby of the Snow Lodge for a cup of coffee before breakfast. A few people were milling around discussing what the weather might be for the day. Weather is always the topic of discussion in the morning in Yellowstone National Park because it&#...

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Photographing 1,000 Wild Swans from 50 Feet!
by Dave Weber | October 31, 2007

© Dave WeberJust thirty minutes from Minneapolis, Minnesota is the worlds’ largest congregation of wild Trumpeter Swans. Each year, from early December through late February, as many as 1,600 of these rare swans spend their winter on the Mississippi River here. Nearby is a little-used public viewing a...

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Species Profile: The Unique Wood Duck
by Matthew Studebaker | August 31, 2007

© Matthew StudebakerA virtual chorus of camera shutters sound as I lay on a boardwalk over a marsh. Just a few feet away, nearly twenty wood ducks are feeding, bathing, and fighting. The photographers start taking off their large lenses in favor of short lenses and even wide angles. Freshly molted out of their ecli...

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If Wishes Were Ponies
by Kari Post | July 1, 2007

© Kari PostIt was January 2006 and I had a foolishly wonderful idea. Fortunately enough, I had an equally foolish and wonderful best friend who was just crazy enough to go along with it.

Ever since I first laid my hands on a mini series of books based loosely on Marguerite Henry’s 1947 classic Mis...

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Traveling With Your Photo Gear Part 1
by Heather Forcier | May 31, 2007

Inside of camera lens bagThe Think Tank Photo Airport Security bag is a roller that includes emergency backpack straps for convenience. At 9” x 14” x 22,” this roller/backpack meets most airlines’ carry-on size requirements and can accommodate your gear, including up to a 600 f4 lens. The sides offer pockets tha...

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Getting Your Gear Around
by Heather Forcier | May 31, 2007

Greg DowningOne of the many challenges we face as photographers with super telephotos is toting our heavy gear around, whether in the field or on an airplane en route to our destination. There are plenty of products and potential solutions out there, but often it helps to know what has worked for others bef...

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Lake Erie Travel Diary
by James Ownby | April 30, 2007

© James OwnbyMay 7
Every spring, millions of migratory songbirds travel through the Mississippi Flyway into eastern Canada. Along the way they meet an obstacle: Lake Erie. Upon seeing this vast expanse of water, many birds look for a place along its southern shore to rest up a bit before the crossing. The...

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