Embracing Failure
by Mark Graf | July 25, 2008

© Mark GrafEditor’s note: This article appeared originally in Mark Graf’s blog. Our thanks to Mark for agreeing to republish it here. Mark opens: “Quite a few folks talk about failure as part of the process of learning, especially when it comes to expanding creativity. part of t...

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Language, Words, and Natural Resources
by Carl Donohue | March 1, 2008

© Carl DonohueHave you ever told anyone that you’re a natural resources photographer? I haven’t. I’ve also never mentioned to a passer-by that I was taking pictures of commodities or assets or units. My point concerns the importance of language, and how it shapes our perceptions and our acti...

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Shooting Birds in the Rain
by Jeroen Stel | September 30, 2007

© Jeroen StelLiving in The Netherlands has one big downside to it…rain…rain and more rain.

Often I do not want to go out and shoot anything when it’s raining again like many of you will recognise. But lately I have been trying to take advantage of the bad weather by going out and hoping to shoot...

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My Backyard
by Brian Szabo | August 31, 2007

© Brian SzaboJuly and August are my least favorite months of the year for photographing. The light is high for much of the day, the greens of the forests aren’t vivid, streams turn to trickles, and the variety of colorful wildflowers in my region dwindle to only a few. So what is there to do?

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The Art of Seeing
by Ganesh Shankar | July 31, 2007

© Ganesh ShankarI considered an article on the art of seeing for a long time. Although a subject very dear to me, it was difficult to start. When I sat down to write it I realized it is relatively easy to make an image; much more difficult to write about the thought process that goes behind making it. It is a s...

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Wildlife Rehabilitation
by Heather Forcier | April 1, 2007

© Heather ForcierWhile inspired by nature, when I started photographing, I could only identify the most common local birds and mammals. Staying in one place for hours, scanning for potential photos, revealed wondrous moments that would have escaped me otherwise. Years into the pursuit, research and observation h...

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Snow Bird
by Tom Walker | March 31, 2007

© Tom Walker“If you thought winter was over, think again,” the weatherman said. “A cold front is sweeping down from the north and will hit here tomorrow night. Get out those jackets and coats you put away. It’s dropping to 60, with inland areas down to 30. That’s cold.”

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The Bayou and Beyond: a Continuation
by Jenny Ellerbe | November 1, 2006

© Jenny EllerbeIn July 2004, I wrote a brief article for Naturescapes.net chronicling my transition from color photography to black-and-white and how it affected my perception of the bayou where I live. I also gave a description of my black-and-white conversion and printing methods. Now, at the end of 2006, mu...

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Fall Around Denali: A Personal Perspective
by Juli Wilcox | October 1, 2006

© Juli WilcoxSeptember 2006: The Bronco bucks and fails to break a rib, facts which feed my courage and inform me I am on the right track.

Even at 5 mph and with 158,000 miles and a rebuilt engine, this is a sturdy mare that does not falter. She shows no signs of weakness, only an occasional craving for oi...

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A Sense of Place
by Carl Donohue | July 1, 2006

© Carl DonohueVarious writers of ecology and “environmentalism” have referred to “place.” Thoreau wrote about place, as did Emerson, Twain, Muir, Abbey and Leopold. Dave Foreman wrote, when interviewed by Derrick Jensen in the wonderful book, Listening to the Land, “We are place....

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Into the Eyes of a Grizzly
by Tom Walker | June 1, 2006

© Tom WalkerSnow had been falling for about two hours. Not a hard snow but a steady, persistent one. The tundra ground cover was already buried by just two inches of wet flakes. I was hunkered behind a three-foot tall willow, the tallest tree around. The snow was not unwelcome. I don’t mind watching a...

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Crazy Chicken
by Juli Wilcox | May 1, 2006

© Julie WilcoxSmack in the middle of a lek, mating grounds for the Greater Prairie Chicken, I wait away the pre-dawn spring morning. My spot is near a U.S. Forest Service blind on the National Grasslands near Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. A better stage for chicken dancing would be hard to find. Imagine the entir...

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