Roads More Traveled
by Royce Howland | March 23, 2011

© Royce HowlandThe famous Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken,” ends with a few lines that are easily seen as inspiration for the outdoor photographer:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

But what...

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Must Have Items for Quick Fixes in the Field
by Bret Edge | March 1, 2011

© Bret EdgeGenerally speaking, nature photographers aren’t known for traveling light. We’ve got tripods, ballheads, lenses, cameras, filters, flashes and reflectors, not to mention backpacks, headlamps, tents, sleeping bags and the myriad items required to hike into the backcountry. If you spen...

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Sunset View
by Bret Edge | September 30, 2010

© Bret EdgeWhile assisting at a photo workshop in Arches National Park, the leader called it quits when warm sunset light failed to materialize. We all packed up our camera gear and loaded into cars for the trek back to Moab. No sooner had we hit the main park road than a faint wash of color started spread...

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Fall for Autumn Photography
by Bret Edge | August 24, 2010

© Bret EdgeWith memories of alpine wildflowers in the not-too-distant past it’s almost impossible to believe that autumn is right around the corner. And yet, all the signs point to exactly that. Temperatures are trending lower, bears are focused on getting fatter and sunset is arriving earlier every...

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Making the Most of Bad Weather
by Bret Edge | June 29, 2010

© Bret EdgeWouldn’t it be grand if every photo vacation involved puffy clouds filling an azure sky above rugged peaks, deep canyons or vast deserts awash in alpenglow every morning and every evening of our trip? Perhaps some photographers are so lucky. I am not one of them. Twice now I’ve spent...

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Working with a Legend; Galen Rowell
by Gary Crabbe | June 22, 2010

© Gary CrabbeMany people that know me, or have followed my photography, are aware that I got my start in the industry working for the internationally renowned photographer and adventurer, Galen Rowell. It quickly became apparent that I had stumbled into a position that many people, especially other photograp...

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Departing from the Literal Image
by Mark Graf | March 31, 2010

© Mark GrafAnyone with interest in improving their photography can attest to how part of the challenge is simply to capture an image as seen through their eyes. How many times have we thought to ourselves, “I didn’t see that soda can next to my waterfall!” or “All of my whites are c...

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The Joys of Winter Photography
by Rob Servranckx | February 16, 2010

© Rob ServranckxIn the colder North American climates, such as found in southern Quebec and Vermont, Mother Nature puts up an incredible display of colors in September and October. For many of us landscape photographers, this 2-3 week period of fiery fall colors is the most productive, exciting and stimulating...

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Why Nature Photography?
by Michael Impellizzeri | January 28, 2010

© Michael ImpellizzeriNature photography has taught me to measure a day by heartbeats instead of a clock. No second hand will tell me when and what I have seen. I can glance at water rushing down a stream, feel the wind rustling through trees, hear the roaring of thousands of honking geese flying overhead, or watch t...

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Pepper Dreams
by Royce Howland | November 9, 2008

© Royce HowlandLast year was highly fulfilling for me in terms of photography, and I had more goals for this year, building on everything I felt was going well. However, as they say, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. A number of things didn’t work out as needed, and most of my p...

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Tom Vezo, a Remembrance
by Marie Read | September 4, 2008

Tom Vezo“I HATE you!”

Not the kind of reaction you typically want to hear from a friend, I suppose. But spoken in a thick Long Island accent and with a twinkling smile, it was a comment that nonetheless always brought a grin to my face because it meant I’d created a photograph specia...

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