The Process of Image Critiques
by Heather Forcier | December 1, 2005

NatureScapesOne of the most pivotal experiences in my progression as a nature photographer was a critique of my images by a professional photographer at a workshop. Learning to see my photos objectively and evaluate them from another perspective was a gift. Upon returning from the workshop, I looked for oth...

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The Red Knot: On the Brink of Extinction
by Hugh Simmons | December 1, 2005

Red knot © Heather ForcierThe Red Knot (Calidris canutus rufa) is on a fast track to extinction.

For decades, photographers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts have gone to the shores of the Delaware Bay to view and record two of nature’s great spectacles. Hundreds of thousands of Horseshoe Crabs, one of the ol...

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