Frozen Beauties
by Christoph Fischer | February 13, 2013

© Christoph FischerAs old man winter is rattling on your front door and windows, howling for attention, and marking his visit by covering your driveway and patio with an “I was here” memento, you may well be inclined to hibernate until the weather is more conducive to photography. The area you live in...

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Freeing Your Creative Mind
by Kyle McDougall | January 30, 2013

© Kyle McDougallThere is a good chance that we all became interested in landscape photography for similar reasons. I know for myself, the bold, dramatic images that I saw online and in books were what first caught my attention. Heavy contrast/saturated pictures that jump off the page do a good job of giving peo...

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What We Can Learn From Iconography
by | January 23, 2013

© Bret EdgeWay back in the days of old, I’d head out on a road trip to an iconic national park with a couple dozen rolls of Velvia triple bagged in Ziplocs in the cooler. Images of Delicate Arch framing the snowcapped La Sal Mountains, wildflowers dancing in alpine meadows below Mount Rainier or the rugg...

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Smartphone Apps for Photographers
by NSN | January 9, 2013

NatureScapes.netSmartphones have changed the way we live and for many photographers the way they work in the field. With smartphones, we can share photos from around the world the moment they are taken, and blog and Tweet on the go many miles away from an internet connection. In addition to connecting us to our...

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Choosing the Right Photo Workshop
by | December 11, 2012

© Kari PostMany nature, wildlife, and travel photographers resort to workshops and photographic tours as a way to visit new destinations and expand their portfolios while learning more about the craft of photography and enjoying the company of other individuals who share a similar passion. Workshops have t...

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Shedding Light on the Life of Owls
by Joris van Alphen | July 13, 2012

© Joris van Alphen“Photographs really are experience captured,” wrote Susan Sontag in her famous essay On Photography. Photography can be a witness to the events in our lives, immortalizing our own experiences. But, to me, its biggest virtue is that it can also open new worlds to our eyes. Some anim...

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