Choosing the Right Photo Workshop
by Kari Post | December 11, 2012

© Kari PostMany nature, wildlife, and travel photographers resort to workshops and photographic tours as a way to visit new destinations and expand their portfolios while learning more about the craft of photography and enjoying the company of other individuals who share a similar passion. Workshops have t...

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Shedding Light on the Life of Owls
by Joris van Alphen | July 13, 2012

© Joris van Alphen“Photographs really are experience captured,” wrote Susan Sontag in her famous essay On Photography. Photography can be a witness to the events in our lives, immortalizing our own experiences. But, to me, its biggest virtue is that it can also open new worlds to our eyes. Some anim...

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Ten Years of Photo Fest
by Kari Post | May 1, 2012

© Kari PostFlorida’s Birding and Photo Fest just wrapped up its tenth year. The festival, held annually in St. Augustine, Florida at the end of April, has grown widely popular over the years, and it is a wonderful event for photographers to meet one another, take classes from top pros, and learn from...

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