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Tina Hay is editor of the Penn Stater, the alumni magazine for the 176,000 members of the Penn State Alumni Association. She’s also an avid traveler and photographer; recently one of her photos took Best in Show at Images 2016, a statewide competition in conjunction with the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. You can see some of her images at flickr.com/tinahay and visit her blog at sites.psu.edu/tinahay. Follow her on Twitter @tinahay.

Remote, Yet Rewarding: St. Paul Island
by Tina Hay | September 29, 2017

Parakeet auklet © Tina HaySt. Paul Island is heaven for bird photography—if you can get there.

A tiny dot in the Bering Sea, part of Alaska’s Pribilof Islands, St. Paul is remote and isolated. Only one small airline serves it, with just three flights from Anchorage per week. And because of the fog that often envelo...

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