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The natural beauty Rod Barbee discovered during backpacking trips into Olympic National Park led him to nature photography. A NatureScapes.net columnist, Rod is a professional nature photographer and writer with numerous publishing credits. He has taught nature photography through various organizations. Please visit his website at www.rodbarbee.com.

“Meadow Diving”
by Rod Barbee | September 1, 2005

© Rod BarbeeI’m a big advocate of using a tripod for every image I possibly can. I believe that my compositions get better, I make exposure choices with more thought, and sharpness and image quality are greatly improved. Plus there are many types of images that are simply impossible to make without a...

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Getting Published: The Query Letter
by Rod Barbee | July 1, 2005

NatureScapesA few years ago, when I first began marketing my work, one of my pie-in-the-sky dreams was being published in Outdoor Photographer magazine. I knew the odds, I knew they received many submissions, and I knew that there were two chances: slim and none. But I figured it was still worth a try. Afte...

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