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Paul Skoczylas lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He began taking photographs at age nine, and by age eleven had worked his was up to a Ricoh SLR. In 2004, Paul made the switch to digital and now shoots with Canon DSLRs. In addition to photography, he is an active hiker and whitewater kayaker, and enjoys being in the mountains with his wife, daughter, son, and Golden Retriever. His single favorite location would probably be the shoreline at the upper end of Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. There he has photographed many cold sunrises, watched and listened to packs of wolves, witnessed a young wolf chase a caribou across the dry lake bed, and observed American dippers and various shorebirds in the rippling waters. By trade, Paul is a professional engineer, and he works as a Senior Research Engineer at an applied research company in Edmonton. Visit his website at: www3.telus.net/avrsvr/.

The Mathematics of Depth of Field
by Paul Skoczylas | October 1, 2004

© Paul SkoczylasThere has been lots of discussion recently in the NatureScapes.net and other internet forums about depth of field (DOF) and what affects it. Depth of field is of particular interest when comparing standard 35mm cameras with digital cameras, which have a sensor smaller than 35mm film’s 24mm...

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