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Phillip Colla is a natural history photographer and writer. He focuses on wild marine mammals, the California kelp forest, inhabitants of remote eastern Pacific islands, national parks of the American West and, most recently, waves and surfing. His natural history photography has appeared in the pages of BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, Ocean Realm, Ranger Rick, Reader's Digest, Skin Diver, National Geographic publications, in various advertising and publicity campaigns, and in aquaria and museums. His photographic plan is to shoot it all. Visit his site at www.oceanlight.com.

Wave Photography
by Phillip Colla | February 1, 2008

© Phillip CollaI have lived within a mile or two of the ocean for nearly my entire life, spending a lot of time at the beach over the years. My photography has always centered on ocean-oriented subjects, yet somehow I overlooked one of the most obvious marine subjects of all—waves. I have surfed, kayaked, bo...

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The Pelicans of La Jolla
by Phillip Colla | February 28, 2007

© Phillip CollaPhotographers come from throughout the country to train their lenses on the seabirds among La Jolla’s cliffs and the scenic California coastline for good reason: seabird photographs are easily achieved here, to the extent that shooters like myself with modest bird photography skills can ha...

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