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Melanie is a medical doctor and resides in a prime location in the United Kingdom between the English Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Her second home is Scotland and she spends most of her free time traveling and photographing this magnificent land. Her first love is landscapes, born from her days of wandering the hills and from some of the scenes witnessed in the dramatic weather during her days as a medic with her local Mountain Rescue Team. In addition to her familiarity with travel and accommodation in Scotland, she has the experience of three years spent in the Caribbean and travel to Africa, the United States and Europe. As well as her love for the landscape and nature, she brings with her a wide-ranging knowledge from her days in the Emergency Room and Acute Medicine. Her work may be viewed at: www.lastinglight.smugmug.com/.

England—The Lake District
by Melanie M. | April 10, 2009

© Melanie M.The English Lake District has long been associated with tourism. Since the earliest days, visitors have strived to convey the images from their minds’ eye to others. Some in words as with the Lakes Poets, some by painting including Turner and Constable, and as the process developed more la...

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