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Kari is a self-described adventurer, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and nature lover. She loves being outside in nature, exploring the world around her, and doing just about anything that keeps her on the move. Kari picked up photography as a young girl and developed a serious passion for the still picture in high school. In college, she combined her photography hobby and love of nature and began photographing wildlife and outdoor subjects, which now make up the bulk of her work. Kari views photography as a way to share the beauty she sees in the natural world with others. She hopes her images can be used help educate and inspire others to appreciate, preserve, and protect wild places and creatures, and aspires to one day work as a photojournalist for National Geographic documenting conservation issues. Visit Kari's website at: www.karipost.com and her blog at: www.karipost.com/blog.

Clik Elite Camera Capsule Product Review
by Kari Post | October 29, 2010

© Kari PostAny seasoned backcountry enthusiast knows that a well organized pack is key to a successful trip into the wilderness. Backpackers organize gear into stuff sacks, pouches, and pockets to make packing a precise process and items easier to find as they are needed. It seems that Clik Elite, the comp...

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Clik Elite Compact Sport Backpack Review
by Kari Post | July 9, 2010

© Kari PostAs a backpacker, climber, paddler, and cyclist, I spend a considerable amount of time in the wilderness, even when not out photographing nature. Ever since I started backpacking, I’ve found myself incredibly disappointed by functionality, comfort, and design of photo backpacks.


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2010 Florida Birding & Photo Fest Recap
by Kari Post | April 30, 2010

© Kari PostNatureScapes recently made its annual appearance at the Florida Birding & Photo Fest in St. Augustine, Florida. The four day festival, held in late April each year, has grown quite popular with local and visiting photographers and proved to be an exciting event. The classroom sessions and fi...

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Have Boat, Will Photograph
by Kari Post | April 29, 2010

© Kari PostPhotographing nature and outdoor subjects from a boat gives a photographer a unique perspective and can allow a photographer to get original photographs of often photographed subjects or approach a subject that would otherwise be impossible to photograph. Any subject can be photographed from a b...

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If Wishes Were Ponies
by Kari Post | July 1, 2007

© Kari PostIt was January 2006 and I had a foolishly wonderful idea. Fortunately enough, I had an equally foolish and wonderful best friend who was just crazy enough to go along with it.

Ever since I first laid my hands on a mini series of books based loosely on Marguerite Henry’s 1947 classic Mis...

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