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Kari is a self-described adventurer, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and nature lover. She loves being outside in nature, exploring the world around her, and doing just about anything that keeps her on the move. Kari picked up photography as a young girl and developed a serious passion for the still picture in high school. In college, she combined her photography hobby and love of nature and began photographing wildlife and outdoor subjects, which now make up the bulk of her work. Kari views photography as a way to share the beauty she sees in the natural world with others. She hopes her images can be used help educate and inspire others to appreciate, preserve, and protect wild places and creatures, and aspires to one day work as a photojournalist for National Geographic documenting conservation issues. Visit Kari's website at: www.karipost.com and her blog at: www.karipost.com/blog.

Celebrating 20 Years of NANPA
by Kari Post | March 12, 2013

© Kari PostNothing says “Let’s celebrate 20 years!” like throwing a good party, and the North American Nature Photography Association did just that last week at its annual summit. Held in Jacksonville, Florida, the event celebrated the birthday of the organization in style, combining art,...

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Choosing the Right Photo Workshop
by Kari Post | December 11, 2012

© Kari PostMany nature, wildlife, and travel photographers resort to workshops and photographic tours as a way to visit new destinations and expand their portfolios while learning more about the craft of photography and enjoying the company of other individuals who share a similar passion. Workshops have t...

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Photographing Icons vs the Unknown
by Kari Post | August 27, 2012

© Kari PostIn the digital age, just about everyone has a camera. Thanks to social media, everyone knows it, and we are constantly bombarded with images from thirteen year olds with iPhones, retirees with 1D Mark IVs, and budding amateurs and pros alike, some who are constant sources of inspiration and othe...

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Ten Years of Photo Fest
by Kari Post | May 1, 2012

© Kari PostFlorida’s Birding and Photo Fest just wrapped up its tenth year. The festival, held annually in St. Augustine, Florida at the end of April, has grown widely popular over the years, and it is a wonderful event for photographers to meet one another, take classes from top pros, and learn from...

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Costa Rica Trip Report
by Kari Post | April 3, 2012

© Kari PostEverything I have ever heard from those who have been to Costa Rica has been overwhelmingly positive, and after having just spent two weeks there as a student participant in a graduate level class on Tropical Ecology and Conservation, I can easily understand why.

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2012 Updates to Gitzo Systematic Tripods
by Kari Post | March 7, 2012

Gitzo tripodsEveryone loves new toys, right? Well Gitzo’s Systematic tripod family just got a facelift. The Systematic series has long been the choice of many top nature and outdoor photographers, who rely on Gitzo’s durable, reliable carbon fiber tripods to support their heavy lenses and expensi...

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We Live Through Experiences, Not Pictures
by Kari Post | February 2, 2012

NatureScapes.net“Have fun! Take lots of pictures!”

“Yeah, sure.” And I was out the door.

I’m lucky in that I have a lot of adventures. Freedom of spirit is a lifestyle choice I made subconciously some years ago, and one I continue to reaffirm every so often, when my restless na...

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Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
by Kari Post | July 19, 2011

© Kari PostChincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is a true coastal treasure as far as nature observation and wildlife photography are concerned, and it is my favorite place to shoot in the Mid-Atlantic. Located on the lower half of the Assateague Peninsula in Virginia right near the Maryland state border,...

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The Year of the Raptor
by Kari Post | May 5, 2011

© Kari PostFlorida’s Birding and Photo Fest seems to get better every year. In the three years that I have been attending the festival while representing NatureScapes, I’ve noticed many of the same returning, smiling faces and been impressed by the greater numbers of photographers in attendance...

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Gitzo GT1541T 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review
by Kari Post | February 21, 2011

Gitzo GT1541T reviewI love the wilderness. There is nothing quite like the feeling of venturing into the untamed back country and finding yourself in a remote area, seldom touched by man. It is here where the beauty and complete awesomeness of the natural world overwhelms me and fills me with inspiration. Surrounde...

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