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Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and his portfolio of hummingbird images. In addition to his own photographic pursuits, Glenn also leads instructional photographic workshops to exciting destinations throughout the Americas. These tours are designed to take advantage of Glenn’s experience in this region and teach participants to capture their own spectacular images of tropical birds. Glenn is the author of several books including Birds of Ecuador, Birds of British Columbia and The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography. You can find more of Glenn's work at: www.glennbartley.com.

Bird Photography in Peru
by Glenn Bartley | June 19, 2012

© Glenn BartleySimply put—Peru is perhaps the best country in the world to see and photograph birds. Sure Colombia boasts a slightly higher species list and, based on its size, Ecuador is also in the running. In Peru however, there are so many unique endemics that it is a destination that every serious birdw...

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PowerEx Batteries and MH-C801D Charger
by Glenn Bartley | August 31, 2011

PowerEx batteries and chargerProduct Overview

The Batteries

PowerEx batteries come in two types—the standard high capacity 2700 NiMH version and the newer Imedion low discharge 2400 NiMH version. Both are very high quality batteries that can be charged hundreds of times and have no charge memory (meaning that they can...

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Tips for Nature Photography in the Tropics
by Glenn Bartley | October 30, 2009

© Glenn BartleyThere are few places on earth that can captivate the imagination and inspire nature photographers to “get out there” like the tropics. The biological riches of these exciting destinations are unparalleled and these regions are rife with opportunities for nature photography. Consider...

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