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Eric Chan is a computer scientist at Adobe Systems, where he conducts research and develops software for processing digital photographs. His primary research interests include real-time rendering algorithms and graphics architectures. Eric is an enthusiastic nature photographer and spends an unusual amount of his free time peering through lenses, experimenting with papers and inks, and figuring out how to squeeze every last ounce of quality out of his printer. To learn more about Eric and to see some of his photographs, please visit http://people.csail.mit.edu/ericchan/ and http://people.csail.mit.edu/ericchan/photos/.

Getting Started With Inkjet Printing
by Eric Chan | July 1, 2007

© Eric ChanInkjet printers have made significant progress over the last few years: contrast is higher, colors are more saturated, and print longevity is better than ever. On the other hand, finding all the right settings to make a great print can be an exercise in frustration. At times, the world of inkjet...

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