About the Author

Photography has been part of award-winning professional photographer, Deborah Sandidge's life since she picked up her first camera - it has evolved into her passion.

Deborah is the author of Digital Infrared Photography published by Wiley. She is an instructor at BetterPhoto.com and shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with photographers in her online classes.

Deborah's favorite photography subjects include Florida's birds and other wildlife, as well as its landscapes. Her travels, however, have not been limited to Florida's fascinating beauty; they have taken her from coast to coast of America and beyond to yield photography that stretches the imagination. She has had the joy and privilege of photographing areas ranging from Namibia, Africa, with its stunning dunes, and sweeping coastlines, to the cities and towns of Europe with its rich culture, history and majestic landscapes. Recently, the captivating architecture and beautiful people of Cuba captured her heart.

Deborah's passion is not only capturing images of people, places, and things with her digital cameras, but also in the creative work she does in the digital darkroom. She considers Photoshop her "artist's palette."

Check out Deb's blog, web site, and Twitter pages.

Get Creative with Textures
by Deborah Sandidge | April 23, 2012

© Deborah SandidgeDo you want to create a fine art look with your photograph by simply applying a texture? A texture layer addition can increase the depth, dimension, and drama of a photograph. It is one of the easiest ways to create a more expressive image. A texture layer can be anything you wish, from painterl...

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Infrared Photography
by Deborah Sandidge | September 14, 2010

© Deborah SandidgePhotographers from the novice to the professional can photograph in infrared. Infrared light surrounds you—you just can’t see it. However, when you use a special filter with your digital camera, it becomes capable of recording infrared light. You can learn to envision the behavior and ef...

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