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Charles Glatzer, a full-time professional photographer and teacher for more than 20 years, owns and hosts “Shoot the Light” Instructional Photographic Workshops throughout the USA and abroad. For more information go to www.shootthelight.com. No text or images may be reproduced for any purpose whatsoever without written consent from the author.

Questions are the Key to Better Imagery
by Charles Glatzer | April 29, 2008

© Charles GlatzerTo maximize the potential of an area and its subjects, always gather as much information as possible before arriving. To make the most of your shoot, talk to others who have been there shortly before, but never assume things will be the same.

Ask yourself questions about the specific location:...

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Light Illuminates, Shadow Defines
by Charles Glatzer | March 31, 2007

© Charles GlatzerMy success as a commercial photographer has been characterized by my ability to see and understand light. Wildlife photography is the same without exception. Being able to see and understand light, its quality and quantity, physical properties, etc., and how they relate to your subject and captu...

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Incident Metering and Digital Photography
by Charles Glatzer | November 1, 2005

© Charles GlatzerLearning to see and understand light, its quality, quantity, and physical properties and how they relate to your subject and capture medium will allow you to take control of your imagery. Being aware of the lighting direction relative to the subject will allow you to choose a camera position tha...

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Thinking Through Visual Design
by Charles Glatzer | May 1, 2005

© Charles GlatzerAn outstanding image is one with visual and emotional impact. Composition, lighting, exposure, and selective focus all come together by our hands and in our eye to invoke a response (pleasant or not) whereby viewers are transcended from their worlds to the world we have put before them. If we re...

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