About the Author

"We are a community of image experts committed to sharing our experience and knowledge throughout the industry. We provide professional networking and educational opportunities. If you create, edit, research, license, manage or publish pictures, ASPP is the place for you. Join us." This is the new vision statement that was announced by the Board for 2005, and describes the multi disciplines within this non-profit association.

Since 1966, ASPP has sought to bring together the different groups of image professionals through its educational programs, chapter meetings, quarterly magazine The Picture Professional, and regular emailing of announcements, job postings, etc. At www.aspp.com you can find a gallery, the current issue of the magazine with certain archived articles about the business of photography, book reviews, chapter programs, a Find a Pro link to its members, and other helpful resources. Members can also enter into a password-protected area to gain access to an up-to-date membership directory, job postings, and current eNews.

ASPP has approximately 800 members in the U.S. and overseas, whose demographics break down roughly as 50% researchers/editors/buyers, 30% photographers, 20% personnel at stock agencies or collections. In addition to occasional traveling programs, ASPP has a three-day Educational Conference every two years to which other organizations are invited.

For more information contact Executive Director, Cathy D-P Sachs, at 703-299-0219, or email cathy@aspp.com.