About the Author

Alfred Forns: Although he has had many different hobbies, photography has been Alfred's only constant since the age of ten. Alfred started with a Leica 3f which was a gift from his parents. Some of his hobbies have been target shooting - in which he won the State Championship several times and came second nationally, alligator wrestling (no misprint here), motorcycle road racing, diving (as a NAUI Instructor), and fishing tournaments. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with others. Alfred has a successful dental practice and leads photo instructional workshops as a team with his wife Fabiola Forns. To learn more about them, please visit www.avianscapes.com.

Fabiola Forns: Love for nature has always inspired this artistically inclined woman, who, after dabbling in other fields as creative writing, music and oil painting, has found her true call in photography. Fabiola holds a degree in Human Resources from St. Thomas University in Miami and teaches photography at Miami-Dade College. As a 2007 winner of the Birds category in the prestigious Windland Smith Rice International Awards, she constantly strives for creativity in her work. She and her husband, Alfred Forns, are a team that complement each other - you can see their work at www.avianscapes.com.