About the Author

Abe Borker is a seabird biologist and enthusiast from Santa Cruz, California. Abe had been photographing birds for 15 years before he began researching seabirds at the University of California Santa Cruz. His first boat trip in 2009 onto Monterey Bay with Shearwater Journeys opened his eyes to the joy of watching and photographing pelagic birds. Abe's graduate research on the monitoring of rare and elusive seabirds has led him around the world to remote islands and waters. Despite this, his favorites are those in central California, and the incredible diversity of seabirds in Monterey Bay. Abe is continually amazed by the extreme life histories of seabirds, their ecological significance, and their dire conservation status. In the fall he can be found balancing research and leading pelagic birding trips with Shearwater Journeys from central California.