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Growing up in rural Scotland in a household that encouraged a love for nature and the outdoors, it was somewhat inevitable that Alister would end up traveling the World in search of wild places. Alister has lived in Asia since 1999, and became interested in nature photography in September 2003, but since then has traveled extensively to pursue this interest, particularly in China and Tibet, with extended overseas trips to Canada, Australia, Europe, the United States and New Zealand. His shooting style is quite diverse, with many publishing credits to his name, particularly of his Chinese bird collections, but he also had an exhibition of contemporary architecture images on display in a Beijing gallery for a year. After decades of travel, Alister now lives full-time in Yunnan, South West China with his wife Juanli, where they focus on extending their substantial stock library of Himalayan and Tibetan images. Visit www.availablelightimages.com.

The Art of Available Night Light
by Alister Benn | February 25, 2010

© Alister BennThe Art of Night Photography is a limitless playground that pushes us to our limits of technique and rewards us with images worthy of any world-class portfolio. Skills once held dear by a coveted few are now within the capabilities of anyone willing to step outside their box and try something ne...

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Black and White Photography
by Alister Benn | February 11, 2010

© Alister BennThe development of black and white photography prior to the 1930’s was the byproduct of technical limitations rather than desire. I am quite certain that had color been available from day one, people would have used it and perhaps the history of photography would have been quite different....

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