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Workshop Coordinators

Workshop Testimonials
I have been a photographer for over 50 years. I never want to stop learning, and this workshop was a great learning opportunity. Multi-flash technique is an amazing way to freeze even the fastest hummingbird motion. Greg is a great instructor who made this technique come alive. I highly recommend this workshop.
Marc B.
Hummingbirds and More - Ecuador
Along with their expertise in photography, Greg Downing and Greg Basco have very good senses of humor, which can be particularly important when dealing with a variety of personalities among the workshop attendees. They worked very hard to answer all questions and to anticipate logistical problems and deal with them promptly. Jóse, too, contributed mightily to the quality of the overall experience, with his quiet competence and knowledge of the birds and other ecological elements.
Eric W.
Hummingbirds and More - Costa Rica
The photography opportunities were excellent. I loved the trip and will be back for more.
Lee S.
Hummingbirds and Toucans - Costa Rica
More than ample opportunities to photograph loons and great attention to lighting and backgrounds by Greg and Alan when maneuvering the boats into position. I didn't expect the opportunities to photograph the snipe, Virginia Rail, or sora—3 notoriously difficult birds to see. Amazing! The flicker was also a treat. Surprisingly, I enjoyed shooting in waders most of all! Plus, it's something I may be able to put into practice at home. And Ruddy Ducks, wow!
Valerie K.
Loons and More - Kamloops, BC
I especially enjoyed the shoots, of course the loons, but also the opportunity to see and photograph birds I don't normally see: Ruddy Duck, Red-Naped Sapsucker, Mountain Bluebird, Stellar Jay, and Evening Grosbeak. Greg and Alan, you do a superb job of teaching—not just getting us to a shooting position, but teaching as we go. Thank you.
Julie J.
Loons and More - Kamloops, BC
Just back from Tanzania with Greg Downing. What an amazing trip and experience. The wildlife photography was incredible. The guides outstanding. Wonderful memories for a lifetime. Seeing the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet come to life in front of me was the most memorable. In particular, I enjoyed seeing the wildebeest migration and the cheetah hunting.
Steven Grad
Ultimate Africa Experience - Tanzania