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I had a specific question about compatibility with my lens so I emailed NatureScapes on Sunday morning, not expecting to hear back until at least Monday. I received a very detailed reply from an obviously knowledgeable person - in LESS THAN TEN MINUTES! Not only did he answer my question - he pointed out to me that there was a less expensive option if I purchased two items together PLUS he alerted me to a $15 off sale that I would have not otherwise known about. In my 73 years I have NEVER had this kind of service - I will be coming back to NatureScapes in the future for all my gear needs! Highly recommended!!!
George M
I'm a real stickler for customer service. Good service is pretty rare these days, yet Naturescapes has gone far beyond what I would call good service - it has been amazing. It is such a pleasure to deal with honest people who care if the customer is happy. Please keep up the excellent work!! Many thanks!!
Bill Chambers
(Enchanted Light Photography)

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NatureScapes » Store » Tripods & Supports » VIEW ALL Tripods and Supports > » Wimberley Sidekick
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Wimberley Sidekick
Wimberley Sidekick
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(1 reviews)  

At only 1.3 pounds and small enough to be easily packed, the Sidekick converts your ballhead into a gimbal head in seconds. Simply slide the Sidekick into the quick release clamp of your ballhead. The Sidekick's elevated tilt mechanism and side mounted quick release allow the lens to rotate around its center of gravity. This provides the same action and ease of use found in the Wimberley Head at greatly reduced size, weight, and cost. Remove the Sidekick and your ballhead is ready to use with smaller lenses.

It is constructed with a simple design of cast aluminum and stainless steel, with a catalyzed urethane finish, which is durable and dependable. Super tough nylon alloy knobs are virtually indestructible. The Sidekick comes with a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick release. The Sidekick weighs 1.3 pounds.

The Sidekick is designed for lenses similar in size to a 300mm f/2.8 (including most 500mm lenses). It can also be used with smaller lenses that have a rotating tripod mount. Please note that the Sidekick will accommodate some 600mm f/4 and 400mm f/2.8 lenses by replacing the lens mounting foot. Please contact us if you are interested in doing this.

Includes a 5 year warranty.

Please see the Specifications tab below for additional information and training videos.

Due to the manufacturer's policy, Wimberley brand products are not eligible for promotional discounts or coupon codes.
Item #: SK-100
Our Price: $24995
You will earn $5.00 in rewards when you purchase this product.
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Wimberley Video Training
Setting Up the Wimberley Head
Clay Wimberley walks you through the steps of how to do the basic setup of a Wimberly head: taking it out of the box, assembling it, and putting it on your tripod. Watch video >
Balancing Your Lens on the Wimberley Head
In this video, Clay Wimberley demonstrates how to balance your lens on the Wimberly Head using this step-by-step procedure. Watch video >
C-12 Clamp Features and Compatibility
In this video, Clay Wimberley talks about the new C-12 quick release clamp that has replaced the C-10 clamp. He covers the common configurations of ballheads and how the C-12 and its hardware attach in a secure way.
Watch video >
Wimberley Head vs. The Sidekick
Clay Wimberley talks about the Wimberly Head vs. The Sidekick and reviews some of the pros and cons between these two different heads. Watch video >
The Arca Swiss Quick Release System
In this video, Clay Wimberley talks about the Arca Swiss Quick Release System and its popularity and what its advantages are compared to some conventional quick release systems from the past. Watch video >
The Wimberley Sidekick
In this video, Clay Wimberley demonstrates how the Wimberley Sidekick works.
Watch video >

Note: Really Right Stuff (RRS) lever-style clamps may require an adapter plate to work with the Wimberley Sidekick. These clamps have a very limited clamping range compared to traditional twist-knob clamps. The range is not adjustable and may vary significantly from clamp to clamp. RRS guarantees that their lever-style clamps will accept dovetail plates that have a specific width, one that is the standard used by Wimberley and RRS.

The Wimberley Sidekick is designed to work with twist-knob style clamps, there is an inherent variability in the width of the Sidekick's dovetail (because it is powder coated) that makes it impossible to guarantee that it will fall within the limited clamping range of RRS lever-style clamps.

If your RRS lever clamp will not accept the Sidekick, you will require an AK-100 Adapter Plate.


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(1 reviews)  

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September 12, 2011
Using with a canon 500/4 with 4th generation replacement foot and works great. The replacement foot is lower profile and keeps the lens centered over the tripod with the side mount which makes things more stable.

Advantages: Lighter and more compact than full size gimbal head.
Makes it easier to swap from gimbal to standard ball head on same tripod.

Disadvantages: Not quite as smooth as full gimbal (but totally workable)
Side mount is a little trickier to do quickly
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