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I just love ordering from Naturescapes. My last order was processed, shipped and arrived in record time. I have just placed another order and if I need anything this is the first place I look. The free shipping is a great selling point.
Roy Priest
Today, when I ordered the soon to be back in stock Guru backpack, I was surprised with the complimentary guarantee which accompanied the order. One reason I have enjoyed ordering from NatureScapes has been its constant attention to and care for its readers. It has long been a trusted, reliable source for me, in thanks for which I will long be a reader and a proponent of this website. Thank you. Charlie H.

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NatureScapes » Store » Tripods & Supports » VIEW ALL Tripods and Supports > » Wimberley Head II
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Wimberley Head II
Wimberley Head II
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(12 reviews)  

The WH-200 Wimberley Head is a specialized tripod head available via NatureScapes.Net; its gimbal-type design allows you to easily manipulate very large lenses. It incorporates an elevated tilt mechanism and an adjustable platform to perfectly align the center of gravity of a big lens with the tilt axis of the head. This design allows your lens to be perfectly balanced, meaning that a 15 pound 600mm f/4 can be manipulated as if it were weightless.

The WH-200 offers the same stability, capacity, and fluid movement of its predecessor yet weighs in one pound lighter and is about two inches shorter! The head's redesigned panning base has zero play and the pan locking knob has been moved to the side, allowing the user to easily operate both knobs with the same hand. New lobed soft-touch knobs provide a more comfortable grip and perform better when using gloves. This new version of the Wimberley Head has a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp and is not available in a non-quick-release model.

Includes a 5 year warranty.

Please see the Specifications tab below for additional information and training videos.

For an up-close look at the Wimberley Head II, read Richard Peter's review

Due to the manufacturer's policy, Wimberley brand products are not eligible for promotional discounts or coupon codes.
Item #: WH-200
Our Price: $59490
You will earn $11.90 in rewards when you purchase this product.
Quantity: Out of stock
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Wimberley Video Training
Setting Up the Wimberley Head
Clay Wimberley walks you through the steps of how to do the basic setup of a Wimberly head: taking it out of the box, assembling it, and putting it on your tripod. Watch video >
Balancing Your Lens on the Wimberley Head
In this video, Clay Wimberley demonstrates how to balance your lens on the Wimberly Head using this step-by-step procedure. Watch video >
C-12 Clamp Features and Compatibility
In this video, Clay Wimberley talks about the new C-12 quick release clamp that has replaced the C-10 clamp. He covers the common configurations of ballheads and how the C-12 and its hardware attach in a secure way.
Watch video >
Wimberley Head vs. The Sidekick
Clay Wimberley talks about the Wimberly Head vs. The Sidekick and reviews some of the pros and cons between these two different heads. Watch video >
The Arca Swiss Quick Release System
In this video, Clay Wimberley talks about the Arca Swiss Quick Release System and its popularity and what its advantages are compared to some conventional quick release systems from the past. Watch video >
The Wimberley Sidekick
In this video, Clay Wimberley demonstrates how the Wimberley Sidekick works.
Watch video >

The Wimberley Head II has these features:
  • 1 pound lighter than the old version (3.15 lbs compared to 4.15 lbs)
  • Compact: 5/8 inch narrower and almost 2 inches shorter than the original.
  • Improved ergonomically with both knobs located on the same side of the head, making it easier to o operate both knobs with the same hand.
  • New, 5-lobed, soft touch knobs are comfortable and easy to grip in cold weather or with slippery or gloved hands.
  • Better variable tension: it does not have separate controls for tension and locking, but the locking controls deliver smooth resistance with diminished stick-slip.
  • There is no play or sloppiness in the pan base, even when the head is unlocked.
  • The dovetail on the swinging arm of the new Wimberley Head, which allows adjustments of the platform up and down, now has the Arca-Swiss geometry.

Please note that the original Wimberley Head Flash Module 5 is not compatible with the new Wimberley Head without the use of an adapter. This adapter (the FA-09 Wimberley Head Flash Adapter) is available separately. The new head uses the Flash Module 9, developed specifically for the Wimberley Head II. The Module 9 is compatible with the Module 6 Extension Post and Module 3 Tilt Arm, the modules most commonly used with the Wimberley Flash Head Module. You can also purchase the Module 9 and the Module 3 together as the Wimberley Combo 9.
Customer feedback
Average customer rating:
(12 reviews)  

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5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
April 16, 2014
This is my second Wimberley Head II. We needed a second tripod and head to replace a cheaper, less stable setup. Sure there are less expensive alternatives, but I know what I'm getting with this one, and it's rock solid on Gitzo legs for both long lenses and spotting scopes. It's also built extremely well. I've never had any problems with my other one in the 5 years that I've used it. Finally, I prefer to support a small USA company.

Advantages: Solid stable platform
Very well built
Will last even under heavy use.

Disadvantages: None
April 7, 2014
I am using the the Wimberley head with my long telephoto lenses for shore bird and wildlife photography. I like the design of the WH-2 and the greater stability compared to my ball head mount. Complete instructions accompany this head, along with the tools to assemble it. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble, including attaching an arca-swill type plate to my lens collar. The plate does not come with the WH-2 kit, but Wimberley and many others sell these. Balancing camera and lens was fast and easy, and instructions for this are included in the WH-2 kit. The movements are smooth as can be and converting from landscape to portrait mode is done simply by loosening the tripod mounting collar on the lens and rotating 90 degrees. Overall, this is a well crafted and designed gimbal head. It looks and feels very durable for years of use. Many other gimbal heads of various size and weights are available, some at lower prices. I decided to try a well known Wimberley and I am quite pleased with the product.

Advantages: Well designed
Solid construction
Easy to assemble and modify (option to covert to side mount)
Smooth movements
Good accessories and support from Wimberely

Disadvantages: On the expensive side, but it is a very high quality item.
Weight (fairly typical for full size gimbal)
July 28, 2013
Wimberley II deserves its stellar reputation.

Advantages: Strong, smooth and as close to vibration free as possible!

Disadvantages: Cost is high.
January 15, 2013
This is one of the best Gimbal head available on the market today.

Advantages: It operates very smoothly and is a joy to use. Very strong. It's large size also helps when using heavy lens/camera combo

Disadvantages: Weight. I hope Wimberley will come up with a Carbon Fiber version one day.
It's also expensive, but worth every penny.
Ed Okie
October 12, 2012
As others have said, "the Gold Standard" of tripod heads for big-lens wildlife work. Rarely, if ever, mentioned is its stellar functionality for macro-work! Add RRS's rail slider bars (7-10") and front to back movement is exceptional - the Wimberley head well up to the induced leverage occasionally encountered

Advantages: Extremely comfortable knobs that are very smooth working, plus well placed. Likewise the thick curved arm serves as a superb hand grip. By far the best head I've used of four major types/brand names.

Disadvantages: None.
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