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I just received my order, everything was in good condition and properly packed. Thanks again for the great service you offered, I will definitely recommend your company to other photographers and will order from you in the future.
Hendrik Boesch
I purchased a Walkstool portable stool from GREAT experience. Their price was $79.99. Amazon was $10 more and B&H cameras was $5 more. Shipping is FREE. Ordered late Friday afternoon and received product around noon on Monday. I checked them out on ResellerRatings first. They only had seven ratings, buy every rating was five checkmarks. Soon after placing the order, I received an email from buySAFE informing me that had, at no cost to me, purchased a buySafe “Cerificate of Guarantee” This does three things: Gurantees I get what I orderd, up to $500, or my money back, provides “identity theft protection” and a “low price guarantee” up to $100. There was a place on the buySAFE email to send a note to I send them a short note thanking them for the buySAFE guarantee. I soon received a personal note from the owner thanking me for my business and stating that he is a professional photographer. He suggested I call or email him personally if I had a questions about photography and camera equipment. I know it was a personal, rather than “boilerplate,” note because he told me how much he liked his Walkstool. That is what I call GREAT service!!! I’ll order from again.
Padman008 from

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NatureScapes » Store » Tripods & Supports » VIEW ALL Tripods and Supports > » The Skimmer Ground Pod II
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The Skimmer Ground Pod II
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
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(7 reviews)  

The Skimmer II is the ultimate support for ground-level bird and wildlife photography!

Made with super heavy-duty, reinforced, crush-proof injection-molded plastic, it is rugged yet lightweight, weighing less than 15oz. With a unique circular design, it allows you to slide camera equipment in any direction on the ground, even through mud, sand, and grass. And your equipment stays clean and dry, even in up to an inch and a half of water!

The NatureScapes.Net Skimmer is a also fantastic option for shooting with long lenses from a vehicle: place the Skimmer (with optional C-12 or your tripod head attached) on a SkimmerSack beanbag and enjoy panning, tilting and overall ease of motion and increased stability over a beanbag alone. Try it!

The Skimmer was designed to be used with any lens or camera combination up to 600mm and its wide mounting surface can accommodate virtually any ballhead or gimbal-style head fitting a standard 3/8" tripod mount. It has been matched for use with low-profile lens feet when used with the C-12, as well as for the Wimberley Head II, without the need for modification or additional risers. However, an optional riser block fits perfectly and can be stacked when additional height is needed.

A 3/8" stainless steel "captive" bolt is provided to attach your tripod head. Alternately, the Skimmer can be purchased with the Wimberley C-12 quick release plate, allowing you to mount dovetail lens or camera plates. Other quick release clamps may also fit.

See the Specifications tab below for a list of key features.

For an up-close look at the Skimmer Ground Pod II, read Maxis Gamez's review »

For a limited time, SAVE $30 when you buy a SkimmerSack Ground Pod II with a SkimmerSack II, SkimmerSack Mini, or SunwayFoto DDC-60LR clamp! See Combo Deal below to add to cart.

Item #: SKM-II
Our Price: $9995
You will earn $2.00 in rewards when you purchase this product.
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Buy Together and Save: $30.00
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
Buy Together For Only $139.90
Buy Together Now
Buy Together and Save: $30.00
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
Buy Together For Only $118.95
Buy Together Now
Buy Together and Save: $30.00
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
The Skimmer Ground Pod II
Buy Together For Only $135.90
Buy Together Now
Approximately 10" in diameter and 1.5" high, the Skimmer's flat bottom allows it to slide and pan easily along the beach or mud without scooping up earth, protecting equipment from grit and moisture. The sides are turned out slightly to push sand and mud out and away, helping to keep debris from coming over the top. A protected area inside the plate can even be used to store teleconverters, extension tubes, and other incidentals for quick access while shooting.
The Skimmer was designed by photographers for photographers to meet our rigorous demands in the field. After years of using various ground supports, we felt the shortcomings were keeping us from our best productivity in the field. Sharp edges on plates would often get caught in the ground and swivel, halting movement, or scoop up sand and dirt - exposing ballheads and other equipment to grit and water and weighing down the plate with accumulating muck. We were constantly replacing lost bolts from plates that didn't have captive screws. Also, as frequent travelers, we are always looking for weight-conservative options - the Skimmer is less than half the weight of some ground pod options. The Skimmer is our field-tested solution!
  • Constructed with super heavy duty reinforced crush-proof injection molded plastic
  • Roughly 10" diameter, 1.5" tall
  • Weighs under 15oz.
  • Heat and cold tolerant for use in any conditions
  • Integrated raised mounting platform for stability
  • Compatible with the Wimberley Head II and low profile lens feet without additional hardware needed
  • Standard 3/8 - 16 captive stainless steel bolt, countersunk flush to underside - no more lost bolts
  • Hex wrench included
  • Optional Wimberley C-10 quick release clamp with locking screw set screw - no ballhead needed
  • Reinforced lanyard attachment point for user-supplied clip or lanyard to hang from a belt, attach to a backpack, or for a safety line when shooting out of the car on a beanbag
  • Perfect for ground level shooting or off of a beanbag with telephoto lenses
  • INCLUDED Hex wrench
  • OPTIONAL The Wimberley C-10 quick release clamp - allows you to mount dovetail lens or camera plates. The gimbal-style full Wimberley Head II for the ultimate telephoto lens support The RB-100 riser block provides additional height when desired.
Customer feedback
Average customer rating:
(7 reviews)  

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5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Jim Johnson
August 17, 2015
Excellent, easy to use, light

Advantages: Works well with the SkimmerII or on the ground.

Disadvantages: so far no problems
Evgeny Kuzmenko
September 23, 2012
I just received the item and was not able to test it in the field yet. It is well made (better than I expected - the plastic is good and it looks very solid) and I am confident it will be useful.

The big drawback for me is that it does not work well with my RSS BH-40 ballhead – the main locking lever cannot be completely locked as it is hampered with the base of the skimmer. I can manage it to some extent by tightening the “drag set knob”, but it still is not a perfect solution – the head will not lock completely.

Maybe it could be resolved with “Riser block”, not sure.
Bill Brockley
September 14, 2011
Great innovative product especially when coupled with a beanbag and a quick release plate only. Also the perfect low to the ground sled type device for big lenses. I use mine with an Arca Swiss ballhead and a Nikon 500mmVR lens

Advantages: Light, stable and strong. Easy to carry with an added clip

Disadvantages: For $99 it should come with a clip!
John Cubit
September 13, 2011
You can save a lot of money by making your own better version out of a larger diameter, heavy plastic snack dish, kiddie snow dish or sled, or aluminum fry pan.

Advantages: Lightweight, low to the ground

Disadvantages: Exorbitant price for what this is. The small footprint is unstable and risks plowing your expensive long lens into the sand. This pod should be redesigned, elongated, and be sold for 1/3 the price.
George M
September 13, 2011
The Skimmer was designed after a number of prototypes and while there are home made options this is perfect for a 600mm lens either on a wimberley head or just on a quick release plate. The size is perfect and the round shape lets you slide it in any direction without getting stuck in sand or mud. When pushing forward it's best to push down on the camera to lift the front edge up. It's expensive as the previous reviewer complains but being in the plastics industry myself I imagine an injection mold of this size costs as much as a small car! The material is indestructible and light at the same time. I doubt this is a high volume item so I'm willing to pay $99 - I saved $20 when I purchased the matching beanbag called the Skimmer sack

Advantages: Super strong, light and just the right size. Works with any ballhead, the full wimberley or with just a quick release. LOVE it on a beanbag! Round so it rotates and slides easily and has a hook to hang from your belt.

Disadvantages: Cost - see note above
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