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NatureScapes » Store » Software, Books, and eBooks » VIEW ALL Software, Books, and eBooks » The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park by Bret Edge
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The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park by Bret Edge
The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park by Bret Edge
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(11 reviews)  

The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park by Bret Edge is a 31-page, 10.7 MB downloadable eBook pdf.

Arches National Park attracts photographers from around the world to a landscape of balanced rocks, towering spires and over 2,000 natural arches framing a crystal blue sky. The La Sal Mountains, snowcapped from November through May, create a stunning contrast to the red sandstone features found through the park.

In The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park local Moab photographer Bret Edge shares nineteen of his favorite locations to create dynamic images of this stunning desert landscape.  You’ll learn where to find each location, when is the best time for photography, what lenses and equipment you’ll need and other tips to help make your next visit to Arches the most productive trip yet. Full-color photographs illustrate each location, giving you an idea of what to expect before you arrive at Arches. A park map is also included and can be viewed on-screen or printed for easy reference in the field.

In addition to advice for photographers, The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park includes a wealth of general information about the park’s natural history, rules and regulations, entrance fees and other items to assist in trip planning.

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a point and shooter on vacation, The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park will be a valuable addition to your photo book library.

Take a sneak peek at one of the locations Bret reviews in his eBook, Courthouse Wash »

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Customer feedback
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(11 reviews)  

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5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
September 12, 2013
Great book with all the information needed to get you to good locations at the right time of day and season. The included GPS coordinates are very helpful and the pictures excellent.

Advantages: Excellent choice of locations, and I like the organization of the book by sunrise/sunset.

Disadvantages: The book could use a few more locations, for example Covert Arch. Information on normal shooting direction wold also be helpful. I'd love to see more book in this series - e.g. one on Canyonlands, or other area shoots such as the Delta Pool or Tukuhnikivats Arch.
D Whalen
August 7, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Essential Guide to Photographing Arches National Park, is exactly that, Essential. If you are new to Arches NP and you are a photographer of any skill level you need this guide. As an photo enthusiast on the other side of Utah I know it takes years to really get to know these parks. Wouldn’t you love to go to a NP with a little insider information, like where to drive, GPS coordinates, best time of day, elevation change, where to compose, and hiking difficulty. Not only that but you have a real photographer suggesting lenses, filters, and composition. Brett provides all of this with beautiful photography and intelligent text.
The only negative I see is that I would love to have this in a nice printed book so I could stuff this in my camera bag and take it along.
I really appreciate the photographers that welcome and help other photographers. Thanks for taking the time to write this ebook.

Advantages: Essential and Insider Knowledge for any photographer visiting Arches NP

Disadvantages: I wish it was in print form too.
March 19, 2013
I found this book to be extremely helpful in deciding where and when to take specific pictures within the park. The book is well planned out and easy to follow.

Advantages: Good format, well organized and easy to follow. Hope to see more ebooks from this author in the future.
January 16, 2013
Bret's guide was very helpful in getting me to the best photo locations in Arches National Park.

Advantages: The guide has accurate GPS coordinates along with pictures of each location. The pictures allowed me to choose which locations to visit during a visit with a limited amount of time.

Disadvantages: None
Andrew Kliss
December 9, 2012
Excellent layout and well thought out. I like the included shooting facts for approach, best time of day, things to be mindful of and other pertinent facts regarding each shoot. Also adding some "alternative" areas to photograph is a plus, not just the iconic shots.

Advantages: Concise and easily navigable. Each location is basically one page and includes hiking notes and GPS coordinates.

Disadvantages: Too short!
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