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Yesterday, I placed my first order from the NSN store and I have to say that I am very impressed so far. Within literally an hour after my order, the order shipped out. I dont think that has ever happened with an on line order. So thank you for the very quick service and I am looking forward to receiving the toys! :)
Dan Wolin
I made my first purchase from NatureScapes this month. It certainly will not be the last. Their friendly staff answered my questions and everything I wanted was in stock. Great deals on the products I wanted too and fast shipping. Why look anywhere else ?
Andrew Sentipal

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NatureScapes » Store » Tripods & Supports » VIEW ALL Tripods and Supports > » The SkimmerSack Beanbag
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The SkimmerSack Beanbag
The SkimmerSack Beanbag
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(7 reviews)  

Save $20 on the Skimmer Combo

NatureScapes' newest innovation - The SkimmerSack Beanbag transforms into many different configurations for endless shooting possibilities with or without the use of the Skimmer II Ground Pod. Read about the key features and see the detailed images for suggested uses.

Construction and Key Features:

The SkimmerSack is the most durable and the most flexible beanbag on the market.
Here is why:
  • Unique transformable design - a multitude of uses and configurations. See images for suggested uses.
  • First ever "U" shaped bag with unique round-top design for use alone, or matched perfectly with the Skimmer Ground Pod II placed on top.
  • For use with any lens and camera combination from wide angle up to a 600/4 or 800/5.6.
  • Continuous non-skid Toughtek fabric inside of the legs for non slip grip on car doors
  • When used with the Skimmer Ground Pod II you can use with any ballhead, Gimbal head or simply install a Wimberley C-12 quick release plate for the lowest profile option. Riser blocks may also be used to fine tune your shooting height. Vehicle images shown are of a Toyota Highlander which is short as SUVs go.
To see the many uses and configurations for the SkimmerSack click on detailed images above. For additional features and Greg's tips see the Specifications tab below.

The SkimmerSack is sold without fill or pre-filled with
polyethylene beads or buckwheat hulls; see instructions for additional suggested fill materials (we also use bird seed). Shipping charges on the poly-filled and buckwheat-filled options are more costly due to the additional weight.
Item #: R567
Fill Options
Our Price: $6995
You will earn $1.40 in rewards when you purchase this product.
Quantity: Out of stock
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Additional Key Features:
  • Highly contoured design allows less fill than other bags; weighs only 8 pounds when full using whole sunflower seeds
  • Large zippered opening with protective flap for easy secure filling
  • All seams are double stitched for extra strength; stress areas stitched at least 5 times*
  • Hook and loop straps at each end of the "legs" for tying the bag down to door handles or safari roof rack.
  • Sewn in handles on each side which may be used for tie downs or to secure the Skimmer using a 3" climber's clip attached to the Skimmer's carrying tab.
*The SkimmerSack is more durable than any other "molar" style beanbag that we know of - all of which are made either of cheaper nylon "pack cloth" or canvas materials and none of which are double stitched like the SkimmerSack.


  • Durable 500 denier DuPont Cordura(r) nylon (waterproof urethane coated)
  • Non-skid Toughtek fabric for the interior
  • US-Made Fabrics

  • Self-healing #5 zipper
  • Hook and loop closures

  • U.S. Made
  • All seams double stitched with nylon thread for added strength
  • Stress areas stitched at least 5 times

  • Empty: 5 oz
  • Filled with polyethylene beads: 10.35 lb
  • Filled with buckwheat hulls: 2.95 lb

Here are some basic fill guidelines:

  • See included instruction sheet for suggested fill - we use sunflower seeds and feed them to the birds when we are finished with them. With 70-90% fill you can place over a car door and shoot with a lens alone or with the use of a Skimmer II Ground Pod on top. It can also be used upside down. 9 liters of fill by volume needed.
  • With 40% fill the "legs" can be folded under making a flatter "pancake" style beanbag for use with smaller lenses or for a lower profile. With 70-80% fill the "legs" can be spread out and placed on top of a car or in between the rails of a safari vehicle - leaving the round surface available for cradling your lens or placing the Skimmer II on top.
  • We recommend about 80% fill when using with a Skimmer from the car - more for a tighter firmer top and less for a lower profile. Less fill allows the Skimmer II to be cradled by the excess material on the top surface and allows a lower shooting profile. By adjusting the amount of fill the SkimmerSack can be transformed for a variety of uses, with or without the Skimmer II Ground Pod. See the detailed images for just a few of the suggested configurations. The possibilities are endless!

The SkimmerSack is a cooperative design of and Kinesis Photo Gear.
Manufactured by Kinesis. Made in the USA.

Greg's tips for using the NatureScapes SkimmerSack:

"I personally developed the SkimmerSack for use with the Skimmer II when shooting out of the car with a big lens and I have found it to be the best solution by far. Gone are the days of a permanently mounted window mount or overly large bulky beanbags that cradle the lens too much and restrict your movement." -Greg Downing

TIP #1
Use the Skimmer II with it! Attach a quick release to the Skimmer II such as a Wimberley C-12 - this allows the Skimmer II to become a giant low-profile foot for your lens. Since the Skimmer II is round and perfectly fit to the top of the SkimmerSack it allows photographers complete freedom to pan side to side and lean up and down for unrestricted movement. Installing a ballhead or Gimbal head on the Skimmer II works also but often put the rig too high for shooting out of a car.

TIP #2
When filling the SkimmerSack don't fill it too tightly - leaving a little room allows it to "hug" the Skimmer II which essentially operates like a giant ballhead.

TIP #3
For a lighter fill try buckwheat hulls or poly beads, such as those found in beanbag chairs. Some even travel with the SkimmerSack used this way.

TIP #4
My favorite fill is whole sunflower seeds - they are lighter than beans or rice and birds love them so you can just dump them on the ground when you're finished.

TIP #5
The easiest way I have found to fill the SkimmerSack is to use one of those plastic bird feeder fillers - which is essentially a large funnel. A small can or drinking cup works as well.

Customer feedback
Average customer rating:
(7 reviews)  

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5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Michael Watts
May 7, 2014
Worked great last year on two week safari in Kenya. Fell apart this year in India. The rubberized material deteriorated extensively. It was stored in my closet with camera gear so doubt dry rot.

Advantages: Worked well once.

Disadvantages: Not durable
May 2, 2014
Great product, works well, light in weight, easy to move around - would recommend it one and all.

Advantages: Light, well made.

Disadvantages: None.
Tim Christie
July 29, 2012
This is the second SkimmerSack that I've purchased. I bought this one to reside in our second vehicle, which will mean I don't have to shift the bean bag from one vehicle to the other (and remembering to do so). It's a great bag in all respects, and rock solid when shooting from a vehicle.

Advantages: --solid platform for even the longest lens
--conforms to both the window frame and camera lens

Disadvantages: Takes several pounds of beans to fill it up...more than I'd ever guessed.
Gordon B. Reed
June 15, 2012
Durable material

Disadvantages: Heavy, when filled enough to utilize top as a platform. Not as handy as I had hoped.
Steven H. Severson
May 7, 2012
Initially I was disappointed in the product as it looked like cheap materials had been used for a bean bag costing $70.00 with no filling. However, I was surprised when I filled it with roughly 15 pounds of long grain white rice.

Advantages: It is very stable saddled over my toyota tacoma window and I have been able to take wildlife photos that would not have been possible without it. It is also very fast to set up for wildlife when you see that perfect shot.

Disadvantages: I have found no disadvantages to owning this product.
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