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I had a lot of questions about adding accessories to my tripod and long lens.This is the only site that gave me personal attention and advice. They were more than happy to assist me in all my needs, from gimbals mounts to flash attachments. All the accessories that I purchased were right on and fit perfect and their prices are better then any other site that I visited. I highly recommend this site for all your photo needs. The people here and it's owner are fantastic. Thank you very much for all your help. Harry Meares Jr.
Harry Meares JR.
Today, when I ordered the soon to be back in stock Guru backpack, I was surprised with the complimentary guarantee which accompanied the order. One reason I have enjoyed ordering from NatureScapes has been its constant attention to and care for its readers. It has long been a trusted, reliable source for me, in thanks for which I will long be a reader and a proponent of this website. Thank you. Charlie H.

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Wimberley Head II

Wimberley Head II
Wimberley Head II 15
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Customer feedback
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Bob Woods
May 6, 2015
Somewhat pricey. But, if you can afford a big lens you can surely afford this product and you won't regret it!

Advantages: This is a precision instrument that performs as such.

Disadvantages: A bit heavy but very manageable.
October 24, 2014
Wimberley makes a high quality product. They are committed to their work and are located in Virginia. The Wimberley head II is easy to set up and does a great job with large telephoto lenses.

Advantages: Sturdy, well constructed, easy to setup and use
Miranda Collett
April 28, 2014
Product as good as my last Wimberley 2 head - really excellent. So good I bought 2. It is easy to assembly with the tripod I bought (Gitzo) - took about 5 mins max.
Product arrived on time and well packed.

Advantages: Great product

Disadvantages: Pricey but worth it
April 16, 2014
This is my second Wimberley Head II. We needed a second tripod and head to replace a cheaper, less stable setup. Sure there are less expensive alternatives, but I know what I'm getting with this one, and it's rock solid on Gitzo legs for both long lenses and spotting scopes. It's also built extremely well. I've never had any problems with my other one in the 5 years that I've used it. Finally, I prefer to support a small USA company.

Advantages: Solid stable platform
Very well built
Will last even under heavy use.

Disadvantages: None
April 7, 2014
I am using the the Wimberley head with my long telephoto lenses for shore bird and wildlife photography. I like the design of the WH-2 and the greater stability compared to my ball head mount. Complete instructions accompany this head, along with the tools to assemble it. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble, including attaching an arca-swill type plate to my lens collar. The plate does not come with the WH-2 kit, but Wimberley and many others sell these. Balancing camera and lens was fast and easy, and instructions for this are included in the WH-2 kit. The movements are smooth as can be and converting from landscape to portrait mode is done simply by loosening the tripod mounting collar on the lens and rotating 90 degrees. Overall, this is a well crafted and designed gimbal head. It looks and feels very durable for years of use. Many other gimbal heads of various size and weights are available, some at lower prices. I decided to try a well known Wimberley and I am quite pleased with the product.

Advantages: Well designed
Solid construction
Easy to assemble and modify (option to covert to side mount)
Smooth movements
Good accessories and support from Wimberely

Disadvantages: On the expensive side, but it is a very high quality item.
Weight (fairly typical for full size gimbal)
July 28, 2013
Wimberley II deserves its stellar reputation.

Advantages: Strong, smooth and as close to vibration free as possible!

Disadvantages: Cost is high.
January 15, 2013
This is one of the best Gimbal head available on the market today.

Advantages: It operates very smoothly and is a joy to use. Very strong. It's large size also helps when using heavy lens/camera combo

Disadvantages: Weight. I hope Wimberley will come up with a Carbon Fiber version one day.
It's also expensive, but worth every penny.
Ed Okie
October 12, 2012
As others have said, "the Gold Standard" of tripod heads for big-lens wildlife work. Rarely, if ever, mentioned is its stellar functionality for macro-work! Add RRS's rail slider bars (7-10") and front to back movement is exceptional - the Wimberley head well up to the induced leverage occasionally encountered

Advantages: Extremely comfortable knobs that are very smooth working, plus well placed. Likewise the thick curved arm serves as a superb hand grip. By far the best head I've used of four major types/brand names.

Disadvantages: None.
Jack Richmond
August 13, 2012
Well built.
Works with all lenses.
Ron Huelse
April 4, 2012
I never realized the excitement and thrill of useing the wimberly head-200.I had solely used a monopod for all photos except for handholding action shots, however. I was also missing some eagle action.I would miss some of the crucial photos of eagles picking up the fish because of the difficulity of the monopod not being able to follow the pickup of the fish.I needed to concentrate on improving my action photos.I decided after much deliberation to make the move to the wimberly head .I have not regretted this decision .I now take practice shots with gulls that quickly dart and accelerate in flight.The Wimberly has not failed to out perform my monopod and capture the detailed action with precision accuracy.I am eleated -I wish that I would have changed earlier-thank you Wimberly


Disadvantages: NONE
October 21, 2011
This is my second Wimberley head, and I can't say enough about them. Now I can sit in my blind with the 100-400mm lens on one tripod, and the 500mm with a 1.4X on the other.
Jay Medeiros
October 15, 2011
I have owned the WHII for a couple of years now and have found it to be an excellent gimbal head. I use it with a 1D Mk IV and EF600 f/4L IS with and without a 1.4x II converter with excellent results. I highly recommend using the Wimberley replacement foot on whatever lens you use with it. It is very rigid and provided the most stable mounting platform.

Advantages: Smooth controlled balanced action
Excellent Build quality

Disadvantages: it is expensive but it's the gold standard for gimbal heads
Charles Dermody
September 22, 2011
Made in America!!!!! Smooth acting. Simple to set up. Well worth every penny

Advantages: Quality item...... allows use of just a couple of fingers to manipulate the camera

Disadvantages: none
John Cubit
September 13, 2011
Essential for shooting moving wildlife with a long heavy lens, but less useful for time exposures where more stability is needed.

Advantages: Very easy and smooth to use when tracking flying birds with a big heavy lens.

Disadvantages: Even when all parts are clamped down tight, there is some play. This lack of stability causes problems for time exposures.
September 10, 2011
I bought a Wimberley WH-200 gimbal head from Naturescapes about a year ago for use with an EF500mm lens, and the performance is outstanding - I couldn't be happier. (I also purchased the LensCoat cover for the Wimberley head as part of the Naturescapes combo deal.)

Advantages: Perfectly balanced, smooth, operation of the gimbal makes it extremely easy to support and operate a super-telephoto lens set-up

Disadvantages: On rare occasions, I "hit the limits" of up/down gimbal pitch -- but only when attempting to shoot at very high, or low angles (definitely not a showstopper).

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