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The NSN Store is awesome! I have ordered multiple things from them recently, the shipping was super fast, I even received my Beamer Keeper the day after I ordered it! They cannot be beat by any other online store. I will be ordering most if not all of my gear from the NSN Store from now on! Thanks to Greg and all involved, keep up the good work! :)
Landon Starns
I just wanted to say thank you to Tara for some excellent customer service with my recent purchase. I needed a new camera pack and she was very helpful with going through the specs on the two I was looking at. Since I could not decide which one to get 8) she shipped both out for me to check out and said I could just send one back no problem. The order shipped about an hour after I placed it. Having both packs in front of me was very helpful. So thank you again - great product knowledge and great customer service makes me a long term loyal customer!
Dan Wolin, Marshall, MI

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Customer feedback
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April 21, 2014
Very well built. Smooth pan and tilt. Solid build and I have no issues with its ability to support camera/lens combinations. I think this is the best gimbal head in this price range. I would recommend it to a friend.

Advantages: Lighter weight than some gimbals but strong build allows use with most setups.
Extremely smooth pan and tilt.

Disadvantages: The only thing I would have changed if possible is the lock for the tilt and pan to both be on the left side. This requires use of only the left hand which allows right to be used solely for camera.
Richard about  Wimberley Head II:
April 16, 2014
This is my second Wimberley Head II. We needed a second tripod and head to replace a cheaper, less stable setup. Sure there are less expensive alternatives, but I know what I'm getting with this one, and it's rock solid on Gitzo legs for both long lenses and spotting scopes. It's also built extremely well. I've never had any problems with my other one in the 5 years that I've used it. Finally, I prefer to support a small USA company.

Advantages: Solid stable platform
Very well built
Will last even under heavy use.

Disadvantages: None
April 16, 2014
Gotta Love this idea. Why did it take so long to invent this. I could have saved so many lens caps!

Advantages: Keeps your lens cap where you can find it! Yeah

Disadvantages: not available in all stores
April 11, 2014
Works as advertised. It will be a big help in stabilizing my loaded Glass Taxi when hiking on rocky trails.

Advantages: The belt is well made and designed with buckles that are easy to use and not slip.

Disadvantages: The only minus is that the belt could use a little more freedom in it's sizing. While it works well when I wear no jacket to a medium weight jacket, it will probably be too short when I try to use it with a heavy down coat.
Gary about  Wimberley Head II:
April 7, 2014
I am using the the Wimberley head with my long telephoto lenses for shore bird and wildlife photography. I like the design of the WH-2 and the greater stability compared to my ball head mount. Complete instructions accompany this head, along with the tools to assemble it. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble, including attaching an arca-swill type plate to my lens collar. The plate does not come with the WH-2 kit, but Wimberley and many others sell these. Balancing camera and lens was fast and easy, and instructions for this are included in the WH-2 kit. The movements are smooth as can be and converting from landscape to portrait mode is done simply by loosening the tripod mounting collar on the lens and rotating 90 degrees. Overall, this is a well crafted and designed gimbal head. It looks and feels very durable for years of use. Many other gimbal heads of various size and weights are available, some at lower prices. I decided to try a well known Wimberley and I am quite pleased with the product.

Advantages: Well designed
Solid construction
Easy to assemble and modify (option to covert to side mount)
Smooth movements
Good accessories and support from Wimberely

Disadvantages: On the expensive side, but it is a very high quality item.
Weight (fairly typical for full size gimbal)
April 4, 2014
Although I do not use flash a lot on wildlife, I was photographing a Great Horned Owl nest and in the cloudy conditions I wanted to use flash. My previous Better Beamer the fresnel lens broke last summer. So I ordered a new one and was completely satisfied with the product and the service was excellent., I was surprised how fast it was shipped. Used it on the Owl nest the very next day.
sharon templin about  Borden Steady Foot Extreme:
April 4, 2014
This mounting bracket provides excellent support for the 600mm lens. It is super easy for mounting and the swivel ring allow for easy vertical camera mounting as well. The 600 mm lens is a lot for me to handle and this bracket provides the extra confidence I need when mounting, storing or carrying the lens. Thumbs up for an amazing product!!

Disadvantages: NONE!
March 28, 2014
I purchased the LegCoat Wraps for my Induro CT-414tripod and wasn't sure of the size I needed as the Induro tripods were not a choice. But thanks to the expert staff at NatureScapes they were able to pick out the correct wraps for my tripod. They fit very well and look great on my tripod!

Advantages: The staff was very helpful and courteous and a pleasure to do business with!!!!

Disadvantages: None
Dr. Mike O'Connor about  Black Rapid Double Strap:
March 24, 2014
I love this strap! Carrying 2 cameras at the same time has become much easier with the Black Rapid dual strap. Gone are the days when my neck and back were killing me after a day long shoot. Works well with one camera too!
Ian Kerr about  Trekking Safari Camara Strap:
March 21, 2014
Fantastic product, and very difficult to find onshore Australia. Nothing else compares for the same price. Shame about the steep postage fee.

Advantages: Most comfortable strap I've ever used. Holds my gripped & L-Plated Nikon D700 (which is bigger and heavier than a D3S) + 80-200 F2.8 telephoto easily. Can walk around with it all day without strain or fatigue.

Disadvantages: Can't really find any. The plastic male & female snaplock clips seem very strong but I'm not sure how durable they're going to be long term. Who really cares - if this harness every gives up I'll simply go straight out and buy another one. Two of these are still less $$ than a well known competitor product.
March 19, 2014
Great extender for flash. I use it while photographing Bald Eagles

Advantages: Ease of use

Disadvantages: none
March 19, 2014
My 2nd Gitzo 3500 series. The first required a safety plate. They've fixed this problem and added more features like multi feet choices. I got this because it is the most stable of the CF tripods that I tried. Unlike other CF or metal legs, if I tap the legs, any vibration quickly damps out. I did this test with a spotting scope and a Wimberley head. Also even under windy conditions it holds a long lens or spotting scope with little movement.

Advantages: Light weight
Rock solid
Well made
Built to last

Disadvantages: Expensive, but you're getting the best.
March 13, 2014
Great product. I purchased this product for my trip to New York last week. It is very comfortable to wear this and it significantly reduced the stress on my shoulders.

Advantages: Easy to put on and take off. Comfortable. Reliable. Reasonable price.

Disadvantages: None.
March 13, 2014
This is my second purchase of a "Better Beamer" Flash Extender. My first one was years ago for a Canon flash. It worked well so I recently purchased another one for my new Olympus flash. The NatureScapes site provided the information I needed to purchase the model that most closely fit the Olympus flash even though the flash extender was not specifically made to fit the Olympus flash.

Advantages: The flash extender does what it advertises; it concentrates the flash for lenses of 300mm or longer focal length.

Disadvantages: The problem with the flash extender is one of alignment. A long telephoto lens has a very narrow angle of view and the flash with the flash extender has a correspondingly narrow light beam angle. To be effective and light the subject, the flash must be very accurately aligned with the lens axis. The flash extender sides need to fit perfectly to the flash head to achieve good alignment. Unfortunately, the fit is not so good and the pads provided to achieve a good fit are inadequate. So the user must improvise with additional pads to create a good fit of the flash extender. I used double sided foam tape to adjust the fit using trial and error. I tested the results by setting the lens to 300mm and from a distance photographing a blank white wall. From the photo one can see whether the flash is aiming high or low and make further adjustment. Eventually, one gets the flash adjustment set, even if only perfectly for one flash to subject distance. As you change the distance from the flash to the subject the parallax error caused by the flash head distance from the lens causes the illumination of the flash on the subject to move either up or down. The adjustment problems and parallax problems are minimized with focal lengths longer than 300mm since the lens sees a smaller field of view than the flash illuminated field. If you understand and work with the limitations of the extender it does a fine job of casting a brighter light on distant subjects.
Don Mullaney about  LensCoat Canon Lens Cover:
March 11, 2014
LensCoat Lens Cover is a way of toning down the bright white of a Canon lens, when doing nature photography and protection from nicks and dings which would devalue a future resale.

Advantages: Camouflage and protection.

Disadvantages: None
Kevin about  NEOS Adventurer Overshoes:
March 10, 2014
The pricing for my NEOS rain boots was the best in the nation. Very quick shipping. Thank You
Maria Rebbert about  NEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers®:
March 7, 2014
I can run on ice with these boots! (my dog makes me) They are also very warm and easy to take on and off.

Advantages: Totally waterproof. Just great!

Disadvantages: They did rub the back of my ankle where the softer material meets stiffer. Put some padding until they are broken in!
Maria Rebbert about  NEOS Villager Ultralight Overshoes:
March 7, 2014
great boots. This is my third pair! I would give 4 and 1/2 stars if there were a way to do that.

Advantages: light weight, fold up for easy packing, waterproof, good soles on snow, with your own shoes inside they are surprisingly warm.

Disadvantages: Have worn out a little quicker than I would have wished. Where the heavy sole meets the thin boot, the boot tends to eventually pull away. I'm lining that spot with duct tape on the inside this time!
February 28, 2014
Great for fill-in flash when using a telephoto lens. Requires some fitting to the flash head. Projects a narrow beam at a distance, requiring some trial shots for proper aim on your subject

Advantages: Light weight. Easy stowage when disassembled

Disadvantages: Takes several shots to obtain aim on your subject.
Elizabeth Sherman about  NEOS Villager Ultralight Overshoes:
February 27, 2014
I looked for overshoes for 30 years until I finally found NEOS. They are GREAT!!! I have recommended them to my friends and bought them for my husband. Light as a feather, and keep you warm and dry, Couldn't be better.
Darlene Wheatley about  Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator:
February 26, 2014
I have been looking for a backpack style camera bag that will accommodate both of my DSLRs and lenses/accessories. I purchased this bag and am very happy to report that it lives up to its promise - room for both and all of my gear. Heading to Africa this year and am confident that this bag will be a travel godsend.

Advantages: Built in spaces for two DSLRs; lots of room for lenses and gear; customizable to your needs, straps to hold a tripod to the bag eliminating the need for carrying additional bags.

Disadvantages: Have not found any yet. May be bigger than some would want but I am very happy with it.
February 23, 2014
Lowest price on the Internet for this particular item, free shipping to boot, and a reasonably acceptable shipping time via all adds up to a great product and a great website to order from! If other websites are looking to attract, and keep customers coming back, they need to take a good look at THIS is how it is done!

Advantages: Flawlessly fine product. Durable and easy to use.

Disadvantages: For the product,..impossible.
Personally, I wish Naturescapes had a larger selection from this item's manufacturer.
Bill about  APEX Beanbag:
February 20, 2014
I take a lot of hawk pictures from my F150 truck while cruising around and I had tried take these by propping my camera with a long telephoto lens on a regular beanbag on the window sill with very mixed results. It is way too much work and time consuming and distracting to the hawks to pull out a tripod each time I see something I want to shoot and I cannot hand hold the camera and big lens still enough to get good detailed shots where I can get sharp images of the pupils in the hawk's eyes. I paid the big bucks for this beanbag and put almost 20 lbs of pinto beans in it. I screwed a ball head onto the top of the aluminum plate and use it with a quick release mount for the camera.

I have used this combo for the last three days and been very happy with the extra stability I have for the combo of a Canon 7D with the 400 mm f/5.6 lens. I have driven around with the camera plus beanbag on the window sill on rural roads and while I do a keep a hand on the camera while driving I probably don't need to, the whole setup seems to adhere very well to the door/window sill on my F150. The bag is obviously not light with so much weight in it but I don't find this to be a problem.

It is very much a specialty item but if you shoot wildlife pictures from a vehicle it seems to work very well.
Janet about  Foxgloves Grip:
February 20, 2014
they are great for driving, but didn't keep my hands warm when out shooting. pretty disappointed about that. thought i finally found the answer. the search continues!

Advantages: grippers are great for driving. good weight for in the car

Disadvantages: don't keep my hands warm when shooting outside even when i put them inside other gloves. :-(
February 18, 2014
As a photographer who now has to wear glasses as a result of my eagle eyes not being as good as they used to be !!! LOL !! I love the new Hoodman HoodEYE 3X

Advantages: I used to use the HoodLoupe 3.0 to view my preview screen on the back of my camera. Now I know within an instant that my focus is tack sharp and that the photo will not have to be deleted in my post processing

Disadvantages: NONE. The new Hoodman HoodEye 3X has made a positive difference in my work as a photographer
Richard about  PowerEx Charger-Analzyer US:
February 18, 2014
Newly introduced to this charger but not unfamiliar with smart conditioning chargers. I maintained for several years a bank of a few dozen hand held two way radios (NiCad) and discovered that battery life is determined by battery care. Since we used volunteers, training to limit talking, holding down the send button was always given but lets says these radios were definitely abused in service.

This charger is not a large professional charger except in its performance. It is well constructed but not industrial. It is quite a bit larger than the usual wall hanger or rapid charger. With its size however comes all the basic functions to maintain your batteries at their best condition and working order. It offers comprehensive conditioning and care for your AA and AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Do you need all this? That depends upon your investment and use of rechargeable NiMH batteries. It does not charge other battery types, Li-Ion, NiCad, etc.

I use on the order of 2-3 dozen AA and a dozen AAA NiMH batteries. The capicity and my usage works well with this charger/conditioner. Full conditioning takes time and there is no way around it. Proper maintenance, discharging/recharging/conditioning batteries to improve their performance and life requires extra time. Although it operates as a rapid charger or anything less by your control, conditioning batteries is time consuming, 39-45 hours according to instructions, and something that should be done periodically.

The instructions are comprehensive and cover all the chargers capabilities. It also gives basic education about battery care, usage, and what constitutes good battery care. Because I have only a few weeks experience my hope is that it will continue to operate as it has so far and for years to come. At this time I believe it will. I like this rapid charger/conditioner.

Advantages: Good construction.
4 batteries independently at a time, any slot.
Accommodates serious complete battery care and maintenance.
Large bright LCD comprehensive information panel.
Cost, low for what it does.

Disadvantages: Large size.
Charges only 4 at a time (make sure you consider your battery usage with the charging/slot capacity to allow proper battery care. 8 slot charge only chargers are available).
Somewhat complex, not a plug and play charger.
Limited to AA and AAA batteries.
LCD panel quite bright always on, not a bedside charger.
Cost more than simpler chargers
February 18, 2014
High capacity AA NiMH rechargeable cells, 2700 Mah. After using the Powerex MH-C9000 charger the claimed capacity is reported close to advertised, approx. 2600. I expect that may improve with further conditioning as this is reported from their first conditioning. No battery comparisons done yet.

Advantages: High capacity

Disadvantages: None yet.
debispl about  Foxgloves Grip:
February 15, 2014
The gloves are warm in cold weather, but not helpful when weather is below freezing (32 F.) However I like the med.thickness + gripping material.
February 15, 2014
My job includes driving tractors and/or shoveling snow for hours. These boots keep my feet warm + dry. They are very quick + easy to put on/take off!!
February 7, 2014
This is a necessary safety item as Gitzo does not have set or locking screws. Perfect fit, well made. I added a stainless steel lockwasher, and threaded paracord through the slots and tied it to a clip so I can hang a carabiner directly under the head. Better solution than the S hook.

Advantages: Safety, light weight, perfect fit, peace of mind, security

Disadvantages: None but the cost, but if you paid for the tripod, it is worth it. Pimped my older Gittzo 13XX series.