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Over time I have been on both sides of the Customer Service desk, and it always amazes me that companies today do not realize how important that contact is. Especially today where so much is done via the 'Net with no personal contact Customer Service is the only point of contact between the business and the customer. Whether that contact is via the phone or email, a small bit of courtesy and helpful attitude goes a long way. For me, and I consider myself an incredibly picky consumer, good customer service is one of the things that will keep me coming back to a merchant, and this exchange has simply reinforced that NatureScapes should always be my first choice. Greg, great job with NatureScapes. I am going to take a guess that your entire organization displays the same customer-centric attitude that I see from Tara. That is apparent to me in the usability of your site and store front as well. I would highly recommend that as you have Tara as a part of your "training team" for any new Customer Service folks that you hire. I have been thinking about a pair of the NEOS for quite a long time now, well over a year, maybe even two. But I have never been able to see a pair "in person" and I am often hesitant to purchase "blind", mainly due to concerns over issues of support. This year when I saw your ad, and your excellent pricing, I decided to go ahead and try, and not only have I been happy with the product but I have also had the opportunity to experience a company that cares. Pretty darned special. So often when I speak to someone regarding specific product information I am met with a simple reading of what is already on the web site. The fact that you went to the trouble of actually doing a measurement off the overshoe, along with just your general product knowledge, is just another example of what sets you folks apart. And I can see why you would take pride in that, as well you should.
Bill Dewey - Washington
NatureScapes store provide a fast and excellent service. The staff (Tara) are so very helpful and so quick to respond to any question about an order.
David Hassell

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NatureScapes » Store » Tripods & Supports » VIEW ALL Tripods and Supports > » Puffin Pad Pro
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Puffin Pad Pro
Puffin Pad Pro
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(2 reviews)  

The Puffin Pad Pro is the “Lightweight alternative to the beanbag,” weighing in at 4.6 oz and constructed of durable automotive foam as the base and memory foam on top. The Puffin Pad Pro is 7” long, 5 ˝″ wide and 5” high. Puffin Pad Pro comes prepackaged with the tether attached.

The Puffin Pad Pro provides you with great lens and camera support from your car window. The window slot fits over your car window and allows you to tilt up or down. The 5x7 area of memory foam on top allows you to pan easily yet cushion your lens.

When the window retracts into the door it saddles most car doors. You can use it on other surfaces as well. The cutout on the underside fits over a standard 3.53 fence post.

Turn it over and it nestles your smaller lenses and a camera body in your car or in your camera bag. Put it on a frisbee at the beach and get the low shot of a shore bird. The pad will steady your video camera as well.

Handhold your 500mm? Try the Jim Urbach method of placing the Pad under your trigger arm for added stability. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

Read Maxis Gamez's product review of the Puffin Pad »

Item #: 2995
Our Price: $3295
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2 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
November 14, 2012
I purchased this to support my 300mm f2.8 when shooting from the car, It is excellent for that and I found you can shoot from your car roof with it as well. This works exactly as described. I would recomment it to everyone.

Advantages: light, well designed, takes up little space

Disadvantages: none
Rick Bennett
November 28, 2011
Works as advertised but may be a little overpriced for what it is. However, it is one of the least expensive alternatives and does the job for me of shooting from a car window.

Advantages: Compact and easy to affix to the car door/window. Very light.

Disadvantages: Wouldn't hurt to be a little larger to provide more surface for the lens but wouldn't be as easy to store.
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